And because we do read everything,
we see the patterns… the future… the trends.

It's more than consuming, it is connecting the dots.
And seeing the important patterns.
The relevant patterns.

And then taking this insane equation and turning it into 2+2.

We do the math.
You get the answers.

Our Focus

We've funneled key trends impacting the future of business & policy into 6 topics:

Social Impact

Data tells us diverse leadership increases profits, that treating your employees, community & supply chain well has economic rewards. This is only increasing in our COVID world and with Millenials and Gen Z both of whom statistically choose employers that treat them & the world well and choose to spend their money on companies that make a social impact. No experts have settled on a common name, it is called csr, esg, social responsibility, social impact, impact investing, and social enterprise.

Everyone is talking about it. Blackrock, Mark Cuban, Business Roundtable, Wall Street Journal

It is the future.

Land Use & Property Rights

Unless we colonize Mars tomorrow, land is limited. Wars rage over land. People protest over land. Willie Nelson hosts massive outdoor concerts to help people protect their lands. Land is protected and deeply personal.

We give you what you want & need to know about eminent domain trends, land use trends from tree ordinances to edible gardens, land rights, and short term rentals.

This topic can get litigious and add the historic layer of wars…it is complex.

We make it easy.

Finance & Revenue

Governments need tax revenue. Businesses want to improve their revenues. We’re talking Tessa’s nerd loving tax attorney brain here.

We break down complex tax issues into conversational bits of info and key trends impacting business & governments on taxes, fees, government spending, business trends, economic development deals, gaming, finance & investments.

It’s all a numbers game & we’re giving you a crash course.

Energy & Water

We can’t live or run our businesses without energy and water. Oil and gas, electric generation, transmission, renewables, petrochemicals, water rights, clean air. A topic that has heavy regulation, even in deregulated (competitive) markets.

There’s always a new business disrupting the old systems & new regulations balancing competing interests with a heavy dose of land use, taxes, and fees.

Some might call it the epicenter.


Trends in transportation dominate. Every day we see new trends in electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, ride share, peer to peer rentals, scooters, bikes, high speed rail and hyper loops.

Even in a pandemic people, goods and services are moving.

New transportation ideas and innovative businesses are showing us that delivery devices are the future and the future will be robotic.

Cybersecurity & Tech

Everyone needs to know more about cybersecurity & tech- it is the future and it's here. Is the grid secure? Are local government systems secure? Are street lights collecting too much data? What requirements are in all procurement contracts now for cybersecurity? Are medical devices secure from hackers? Is your doorbell secure?

Government isn’t known for quick acting laws and technology is known for rapid advancements.

This is ground zero and we’re here to make it safe and easy for you to know what you need to know.

What We Do

We read, select and filter thousands of legislative, business and regulatory trending articles and rulings so that you don't have to!


Not enough time to do everything?

InfoHive allows you to focus on critical issues facing your companies and clients. We've already tracked and researched trends and solutions to your problems, all YOU have to do is use our searchable database.

Super Easy!

We update insights weekly… sometimes daily.

Research and legal department not pulling their weight?

See emerging trends and regulations and how other states are dealing with the same issues.

You give up precious and expensive time doing this amount of research… That's why we're here!



Need a path to legislating your way to better business?

We give you a ton of ideas how other states are doing that very thing.

Just search for a keyword or topic and read the years of compiled trends, insights and regulations specific to what it is you want done.

How We Help

We get this. More importantly, we get You!

What's this going to cost?

You may be asking yourself at this point... and the answer, before the start of the pandemic in 2019, would've been $50 a month... per topic!

But because we feel so pasionate about what we're offering, and see the tremendous value our chunk of the internet provides people, and wish to be a part of this new era spreading positivity and kindness...

We're offering our service Free of Charge.

That's right... Free!

Ready to see around corners?

You get our weekly newsletter highlighting our carefully curated insights and trends, plus you have access to our complete database of archived topic insights, trends, regulations and articles that go back years.

Join us on our journey with the intention of helping everyone around us become smarter, better informed, and confident in their strategies.

Let's build each other up.

Join us!


Please feel free to reach out to us about InfoHive or any of the consulting & strategy work Tessa does.

More hands make less work. Together we can accomplish all of it!

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