Hydrogen and Electric Power

  • October 14, 2021

What’s happening? MIT Energy Researchers along with Shell are studying the role of hydrogen and electric power.

Why is this important? With an eye on a future low-carbon, integrated energy system, the researchers found that co-optimizing electric power & hydrogen supply chain infrastructure can lead to emission reductions and decreased infrastructure costs.

How will this be important? Everyone seems to be talking about hydrogen lately.

@MIT Energy

Solar Panels to Limit Water Evaporation

  • October 14, 2021

What’s happening? Scientists inspired by agrivolatics, growing crops under solar panels, are encouraging solar panels to be installed over aqueducts to limit evaporation while also generating power.

Why is this important? Evaporation is a major cause of shrinking water supplies. If California covered 4000 miles of aqueducts with solar panels, it could save save 63 billion gallons of water from evaporating

How will this be important? There is a potential emissions savings if farmers, who usually use diesel to pump water, could use the solar power generated from the aqueducts to pump their water, then the diesel emissions could be eliminated.

Wired | Why Covering Canals With Solar Panels Is a Power Move

Bonjour Texas Carbon Neutral Coalition

  • October 14, 2021

What’s happening? The Carbon Neutral Coalition has formed in Texas to ”  partner with stakeholders, government, and industry to make Texas carbon neutral by 2050 and preserve our quality of life.” Its board includes:

  • Susan Combs
  • Thurmon Andress
  • Mike Belenkie
  • Sarah Biller
  • Sarah Biller
  • Tina Yturria Buford
  • Tom Carter
  • James H. Clement, Jr.
  • Dan E. Cole
  • Elizabeth Coleman
  • Jack Coleman
  • Robert Eckels
  • Don Evans
  • Scott Frazier
  • Maynard Holt
  • Devin Hotzel
  • Jodie Jiles
  • Tom Luce
  • Dave Marchese
  • Tim Matthews
  • Charles McConnell
  • Kenneth Medlock
  • Reed Morian
  • Harriet O’Neill
  • Julie Parsley
  • Carl Ray Polk Jr
  • Beth Robertson
  • Ron Simmons
  • Sean Strawbridge
  • Cliff Thomas
  • Bobby Tudor

Why is this important? Their offering solutions including:

  • renewables
  • Permanent Storage For Nuclear Waste From Nuclear Electricity Generation
  • Mitigate Methane Emissions
  • End Routine Flaring
  • Carbon Capture with Storage underground
  • Create a Hydrogen Economy

How will this be important? New Mexico is vying to be A Hydrogen hub. Since when has Texas not wanted to outshine its neighbors?

Carbon Neutral Coalition

What’s a vertiport? How will they be important to utilities?

  • October 14, 2021

What’s happening? Orlando is building partnerships to build vertiports, which are landing pads for oversized drones. It’s like the Jetsons are arriving.

Why is this important? The infrastructure fora vertiport requires that they be electric vehicle charge ready.

How will this be important? Yep, add vertiports to your electrification plans.

Orlando Sentinel via Governing | Orlando Partners With NASA to Prepare for Flying Vehicles

Anatomy of Northwest Power & Conservation Council 20 Year Plan

  • October 14, 2021

What is happening? Northwest Power and Conservation Council 20 year power plan for the energy needs of Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Montana focuses on renewables and resiliency. The plan gets revised statutorily every 5 years.

Why is this important? This year’s review of the power plan is the most “dramatic changes in the future power supply.” They’re planning is robust to ensure that they spend enough money to ensure they don’t overbuild, but spend enough to keep rates good.

How will this be important? Onlookers say the dramatic revision of the power plan is because these elements came together:

  • At least 2 coal plants are being retired
  • Cities & states within the area are setting carbon emission reduction goals
  •  Rapid cost reduction for solar and wind power technologies

Spokane Review via Governing | Northwest’s 20-Year Energy Plan Emphasizes Solar and Wind

Financial Minds: Profitable + Renewable?

  • October 7, 2021

What’s happening? MIT Sloan Business School paper concerning Decarbonizing Our Toughest Sectors — Profitably. Let’s check in on their arguments supporting their theory.

Why is this important?

  • Costs keep going down for new green technology that can replace obsolete equipment
  • Opportunity to create novel incentives, reward innovative competitors challenging incumbent industries with breakthrough technologies
  • Integrate new technology
  • Migrate production and manufacturing to make use of renewables and cut costs
  • Reward frugal infrastructure design

How will this be important? In 2020, during the pandemic, the growth of renewables accelerated by 45%

MIT Sloan Management Review | Decarbonizing Our Toughest Sectors — Profitably

Vehicle to GRID EVs

  • October 7, 2021

What’s happening? WeaveGrid and Elemental are building software to connect EVs to the Grid.

Why is this important? The software compares grid needs as well as learns driving patterns and EV chartering patterns to ensure capacity limits on transmission lines are adequate.

How will this be important? Utilities are using the software to enroll EV customers in time of use charging programs

Fast C0mpany | The Next Step for electric cars is to make them part of the grid

Follow the Legislation. New Mexico’s Hydrogen Hub

  • October 7, 2021

What’s happening? NM is one of 4 locations receiving federal funding as a hydrogen hub. It is in the process of transforming the coal-fired Escalante Generating Station into a hydrogen production and generating facility. Libertad Power is constructing the state’s first newly-built hydrogen production and generating facility to be up and running by 2025. BayoTech Inc. has mobile generating facilities.

Why is this important? NM lists these attributes as the reasons it is well positioned to be a carbon hub:

  • highly skilled workforce
  • topography for underground storage
  • vast reserves of natural gas needed for steam methane reform
  • availability of grey, blue and green hydrogen to being

How will this be important? Beyond oil & gas industry of carbon storage and capture. Being a carbon hub will include state Legislation that will:

  • establish industry standards such as designed to measure the carbon intensity of the entire life-cycle process for hydrogen production to determine how much operators actually lower emissions
  • establish a regulatory framework that is technology neutral
  • creative incentives for this innovative industry

GOVERNING & Albuquerque Journal  | New Mexico Wants to Be the Nation’s First Hydrogen Hub

Data and Emissions Tracking. Climate Change’s Future.

  • October 7, 2021

What is happening? A public private partnership is combining data from flyovers and satellite images to identify high concentrations of methane. Minimizing high concentrations of methane is said to be the fastest approach to mitigating climate change.

Why is this important? We have the technology to minimize methane it is efficient and cost effective. Using data will make targeting methane concentrations much easier. More than 50% of methane emissions is related to human behavior from agriculture to oil & gas to landfills.

How will this be important? Let’s look at the public private partnerships that are flying over Texas, Utah, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico

  • Carbon Mapper, a nonprofit that will deploy satellites to spot methane emissions and alert regulators and facility operators of their existence
  • California Air Resources Board
  • JPL (NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab)
  • the satellite imagery firm Planet
  • University of Arizona
  • Arizona State University
  • renewable energy research organization RMI

Governing | How Satellites and Planes Are Fighting Climate Change

Why do Private Businesses Need EV Infrastructure Support?

  • October 1, 2021

What is happening? Private businesses have to put up the cost for EV charging infrastructure themselves. And utilities across the country are already seizing the opportunity to control the EV charger market as they can pass the cost of installing and operating new EV chargers onto their consumers by simply increasing rates.

Why is this important? In Maryland  we have the Exelon EV charging network to support private businesses with EV infrastructure.

How will this be important? Utilities will be vital as private businesses transition to EV charging infrastructure and EV use

Maryland Matters | Fraser-Hidalgo: Private Sector Is Critical in Meeting Demand for EV Charging Stations

Fund Ramps Up MicroGrid Projects

  • October 1, 2021

What’s happening? Australia is supporting the Regional Australia Microgrid Pilots Programme with $50 million to fund microgrid pilot projects

Why is this important? The program has 2 goals:

  • improve the resilience and reliability of electricity supply in regional communities
  • demonstrate solutions to technical, regulatory or commercial barriers to the deployment of microgrid technologies

How will this be important? For local communities this program will help coordinate local energy resources, like solar panels and battery storage, to provide secure and reliable electricity as well as optimise renewable energy generation and usage. For remote communities, microgrids offer a pathway to switch to renewable energy, reduce emissions, costs and fuel security issues while improve reliability and security 

Energy Live News | Australia launches $50m fund to ramp up microgrid projects

Utility Offers EV Infrastructure Funding for Businesses

  • October 1, 2021

What is happening? Georgia Power  “Make Ready” Electric Transportation Program allows businesses to apply for funding for the installation of infrastructure required to charge EVs at business, manufacturing and corporate facilities. 

Why is this important?  Georgia Power will install, own and maintain all of the charging infrastructure behind the customer meter through the EV charger.

How will this be important? Georgia Power’s Make Ready Program funds passenger vehicle, transit bus, short- and long-haul package delivery, school bus, airport ground support, fork-lift charging, and more


Metro Atlanta CEO | Georgia Power’s Make Ready Electric Transportation Program Helps Fund EV infrastructure for Georgia Businesses

Bonjour Largest Urban Solar Farm in the U.S.

  • September 30, 2021

What’s happening? A former landfill in the Sunnyside area of Houston., TX will become the largest urban solar farm in the U.S. The landfill has been closed for 50 years. 120 million pounds of CO2 per year is expected to be offset.

Why is this important? The 240 acre urban solar farm will be on land will be leased from the City.

How will this be important? Converting environmentally sensitive land to a renewable use will lead to local jobs and increased property values with revitalization. It can be done in other communities as well according to Mayor Sylvester Turner.

KHOU 11 | The largest urban ‘solar farm’ in the country is being built in Sunnyside

10% of Decarbonization will be Innovation

  • September 24, 2021

What’s happening? An energy storage tax credit that will improve long term storage innovation is the key to reaching industry decarbonization goals

Why is this important? 80-90% of decarbonization can occur from existing technologies is an industry perspective

How will this be important? the 10-20% final decarbonization will be green carbon, carbon capture, long term storage, sequestration, and advanced nuclear

Utility Dive | New technology needed to meet utility decarbonization goals, EEI, others warn

Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI’s) Board of Directors on Social Justice

  • September 24, 2021

What is happening? Equity is being talked about in terms of energy policies and operations. Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI’s) Board of Directors June statement included 5 points on diversity and inclusion.

Why is this important? Edison’s Board highlighted these 5 points:

  • ​Promote racial and social justice.
  • Advance DEI goals and diversify their workforce at all levels. 
  • Provide more equitable access to employment opportunities for underrepresented and underserved members of their communities.
  • Create a workforce that is more representative and responsive to people of all backgrounds.
  • Take measurable actions that can address the racial and gender gaps within our industry and accelerate the ability to reach and support those suffering from systemic racism, poverty, and economic disadvantages.

How will this be important? Edison is asking it members to affirm these policies because COVID has led to companies asking how can we park better with each other.

Utility Dive | Taking Charge: Equity must be ‘baked in’ to energy laws, tax policy, says ASE President Glover


Anatomy of a Utility EV Incentive Program

  • September 24, 2021

What’s happening? Xcel Energy is expanding its EV incentive program to include:

  • Incentives to purchase used EVs
  • $5,500 off a new EV purchase or lease, and $3,000 off of used
  • Home charging station incentives that include a demand management program for the electricity with a $50 annual credit for customers
  • Xcel will now lease a double-speed fast charger, or Level 2, to customers for $13.29 a month, installed and maintained by the company
  •  $500 rebate for the wiring work, with up to $1,300 for lower-income customers. 

Why is this important? The program is more expansive than the state of Colorado’s and reaches more families

How will this be important? Xcel’s program is hailed as one of the most expansive in the country

Colorado Sun | Xcel Energy’s new electric vehicle incentives include used-car rebates, wiring homes for chargers

Houston Energy Companies + Carbon Capture

  • September 24, 2021

What’s happening? 11 companies include Calpine, Chevron, Dow, ExxonMobil, INEOS, Linde, LyondellBasell, Marathon Petroleum, NRG Energy, Phillips 66 and Valero agreed to scale deployment of carbon capture at their facilities

Why is this important? By 2030, the group will capture and store to 50 million tonnes per annum by 2030 & by 2040, 100 million tonnes per annum

How will this be important? Carbon Capture, according to Houston Mayor Turner, will help meet clean air goals

Power Engineering International | Texas energy giants throw weight behind carbon capture and storage

Vehicle To Grid Supporter Arguments

  • September 24, 2021

What’s happening? V2G- Vehicle to Grid- supporters say that the system of equipping EVs with bidirectional charging capabilities will have these benefits:

  • furthers scaled adoption of EVs
  • eliminates range anxiety
  • theoretically a vehicle could earn money while parked, thereby lowering the cost of the EV
  • Denmark has a fully operational commercial grid to vehicle fleet
  • North Boulder Recreation Center piloted a program of V2B to reduce building costs

Why is this important? it will also cover vehicle to home or vehicle to building V2H and V2B

How will this be important? Texas may find out in 2022 when Ford F-150 Lighting owners in Texas with the additional bidirectional charging system will be able to potentially power their homes for days next time the grid goes down. 

GreenBiz | How V2G financial incentives could inspire EV adoption

Smart Meters + EV Chargers

  • September 17, 2021

What’s happening? The UK is requiring all EV chargers to automatically be off for 9 hours during peak times. Chargers will be equipped to be shut down for 30 minute intervals if demand is high.

Why is this important? It is 1st time in the world regulation like this and it dovetails with the requirement that all UK houses have smart meters by 2025.

How will this be important? If any other country picks up the mantra and runs with similar or identical legislation.

Can the UK lead the world in smart EV charging?

Anatomy of a Utility’s EV Charger Grant Program

  • September 17, 2021

What’s happening? Xcel Energy has a EV program in Colorado that offers $5,500 rebate on a new electric car and a $3,000 rebate on a pre-owned car, with a vehicle price cap of $50,000.

Why is this important? Xcel also offers for $13.29 per month the installation and maintenance a high-voltage charger with a $500 rebate for any necessary electrical work

How will this be important? Xcel is aligning their program with Gov. Jared Polis’ goal to have 940,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2030. It all stems from a 2019 bill SB19-077 (2019- CO) that allows for rate base recovery.

CPR News | Xcel Energy Will Now Help Pay For An Electric Car — Depending On Your Income

What can we learn when a battery storage facility goes down in a heat wave?

  • September 17, 2021

What’s happening? Over Labor Day weekend a 300-megawatt battery storage facility in California overheated.

Why is this important? Industry says adjustments are needed from battery chemistry to management systems

How will this be important? Looking holistically, the outage caused no overall impacts to the stability of the bulk electric system in California.

Energy Wire | Major Calif. battery outage highlights energy storage risks

COVID and Distributed Energy

  • September 17, 2021

What’s happening? Lockdowns due to COVID led to a reduction in commercial electric demand that  hampered the global distributed energy storage system market.

Why is this important? 37% of projects are seeing a 6 month delay

How will this be important? The industry is looking to include energy storage technologies into state, local governments, and communities

Maniomet Current | Covid-19 Impact on Distributed Energy Storage System Market

Energy Storage Association

EV Charger without the Charging Brick

  • September 10, 2021

What’s happening? Bosch introduced a new charging cable for electric vehicles equipped without the traditional “charging brick.”

Why is this important? “flexible smart charging cable a “world’s first” to feature its integrated universal charging technology without the in-cable charging box”

How will this be important? The charging equipment is a lighter weight and can offer Level 1 and level 2A AC charging

Electric | Bosch unveils unique EV cable without bulky ‘charging brick’

Meet the Colossal Offshore Turbine

  • September 9, 2021

What’s happening? Chinese renewable energy infrastructure company MingYang Smart Energy is building a wind turbine that is 800 feet tall with 387 feet blades

Why is this important? The DOE Report Wind Turbines: The Bigger the Better released on August 30, 2021 says this is the future.

How will this be important? Wind speed increases with altitude which in turn increases turbine capacity

Vice | The Future of Green Energy Is Comically Large Wind Turbines

EV Chargers By the Numbers Nationally

  • September 9, 2021

What’s happening? The national EV charger landscape looks like this:

  • 43,000 public EV charging stations
  • 106,000 total outlets
  • 1/3 of all outlets are in California

Why is this important? EV owners can expect to save $6,000 to $10,000 over the lifetime of the car

How will this be important? The initial version of the infrastructure bill in Congress has $363 billion in clean energy tax credits

Governing | Climate Change Is an Infrastructure Problem – Map of Electric Vehicle Chargers Shows One Reason Why

Offshore Wind by the numbers

  • September 9, 2021

What is happening? The Biden administration intends to shore up offshore wind because offshore wind will:

  • By 2030, offshore wind will be at 30 GW
  • 55% reduction in offshore wind costs by 2030
    • to 5.4 cents per kilowatt hour from about 11.5 cents per kilowatt hour
  • By 2030, 10 million homes could be powered for a year

Why is this important? This May, the Bureau of Offshore Wind Energy approved 62 turbines 15 miles off the southern coast of Cape Cod, Mass.

How will this be important? The opposition is the seafood industry which signed a letter opposing the project in Massachusetts

Los Angeles Times via Governing | In Renewable Energy Push, Offshore Wind Power Is Key Option

Public EV Charging Satisfaction Study

  • August 26, 2021

What’s happening? an EV charging Study by JD Power and Associates found that:

  • 43,514 charging stations in the U.S
  •  105,671 plugs
  • Serving 2% of the market that is electrified
  • It takes 10 times longer to charge, at fast chargers, than it does to fill a gas tank
  •  58% of EV drivers said they’ve experienced situations in which chargers either were out of service or wouldn’t power up 
  • Consumers gave fast chargers  737 points of a total of 1000 points
  • Tesla’s Supercharger network received top marks followed by Chargepoint and Volta

Why is this important? Consumers like accessible, fast and free

How will this be important? Building a consumer driven network means building to what consumers want

Forbes Wheels | J.D. Power EV Public Charging Study: High Satisfaction When It’s Free

Meet the Renewable Energy Subscription Service

  • August 26, 2021

What is happening? Ikea in partnership with Svea Solar, will be bringing renewable energy subscriptions to Sweden’s consumers. Ikea will purchase power from European power exchange Nord Pool and sell it to consumers without a surcharge.

Why is this important? Ikea intends to roll this program out globally

How will this be important? This program fits with the company clean energy goals of halving its supply chain emissions by 2030 and by 2050 to be carbon nuetral

Dezeen | IKEA launches “accessible and affordable” subscription for renewable energy in Sweden

8 States Have Energy Storage Goals

  • August 26, 2021

What’s happening? 8 states have energy storage goals. This year Connecticut became #8 when the legislature adopted a goal of 1,000 megawatts of energy storage by 2030

Why is this important? Let’s dig into the numbers of the 1000 MW of storage

  • 9 year program
  • $7500 maximum incentives for ratepayers to purchase and install storage systems
    • highest incentives reserved for low- to moderate-income customers
    • including environmental justice communities and distressed municipalities
  • additional performance incentives if ratepayers agree to allow the utilities to draw on their storage systems during critical demand periods.
  • 50% project cost maximum incentives for Commercial and industrial customers

How will this be important? Talk about the benefits of a third party facilitator as they look to setting up non-wires alternatives. A facilitator would review all proposed distribution system upgrades over $500,000, working with various stakeholders, determine if lower-cost or more resilient alternatives, and help eliminate potential conflicts of interest. “

Energy News Network | Connecticut regulators plan major growth in battery storage, EV charging

EV Charger Lease Option Incentive

  • August 26, 2021

What’s happening? Connecticut regulators working to fit charging infrastructure program into the 10 state compact on clean air to which Connecticut is a member.

Why is this important? They also created a new incentive where multifamily dwelling owners may opt to pay a monthly fee to the utilities to supply charging stations. Other commercial buildings and multifamily buildings will get rebates up to 50% and utilities will cover the cost of any infrastructure investments required between the distribution system and the charger. 

How will this be important? States and localities will look to other successful incentive programs as EV programs spread.

Energy News Network | Connecticut regulators plan major growth in battery storage, EV charging

Energy Code Creating Electrified Buildings. 1st of its Kind.

  • August 18, 2021

What’s happening? This week the California Energy Commission adopted energy efficiency standards for newly constructed and renovated buildings incentivizing all electric construction

Why is this important? The list of policy goals in these new standards:

  • increase energy efficiency
  • lower emissions
  • opportunity for load flexibility
  • electric ready standards for single family residential property

How will this be important? State Utilities support the new standards


Utility Dive | California greenlights first-of-its-kind energy code to encourage electrified buildings

Regulating Green Hydrogen

  • August 18, 2021

What’s happening? The experts say green hydrogen needs a a regulatory framework & say it can bolster the grid.

Why is this important? Hydrogen, green hydrogen in this case, doesn’t have to be sold exclusively for explicitly but can be sold for differing purposes, making it flexible and requiring flexible regulations. Key word: interconnectivity

How will this be important? Fingers are pointing to Oregon’s SB 98 (2019 | OR) that created voluntary carbon reduction targets

Utility Dive | Hydrogen could fill multiple gaps in the US energy system, but will energy regulations allow it to?

Most powerful Tidal Turbine in the World

  • August 18, 2021

What’s happening? Earlier we chatted about the tidal power near Scotland. Maybe Ireland. Y0u get the general geographical gist. Well, let’s move across the Atlantic to Nova Scotia, which will be home to the most powerful tidal turbine in the world.

Why is this important? Nova Scotia’s tidal turbine is a partnership between  Ireland-based DP Energy and two Japanese companies.

How will this be important? 15-year electricity purchase agreement with Nova Scotia Power Incorporated at $ 530 per megawatt hour with a capacity of 9MW.

Texas News Today | Canadian tidal power project secures support from Japanese companies

Carbon Neutral Hydrogen in Corpus Christi TX

  • August 18, 2021

What’s happening? We’ve been talking about green hydrogen, let’s look at other carbon neutral hydrogen. In Corpus Christi, TX Howard Midstream Energy Partners is converting its Javelina Refinery into carbon neutral.

Why is this important? New hydrogen production will be through a combination of hydrogen entrained in the six local refineries’ waste gas that the facility processes + hydrogen produced through a steam methane reformer process

How will this be important?  “University of Texas at Austin have determined that the Texas Gulf Coast is well suited for injection and storage of pressurized CO2 in permanent geological storage formations offshore.”

Splash 247 | Carbon-neutral hydrogen production facility planned for Port of Corpus Christi

Buildings with Solar Walls

  • August 17, 2021

What’s happening? Solar panels aren’t just for roofs, buildings in Sweden are being built with solar charging capacity walls.

Why is this important? Meet the new kid on the block: Soltech Energy installed a 646 kW solar facade on the wall of a garage in Sweden that hosts 300 EV-charging posts

How will this be important? Building Codes have been the new go-to for clean air rules and clean energy. Eyes open. The project in Sweden added solar to the outside of an existing building, took 1.5 months to install and have the 300 EV charging posts operational.

PV Magazine | New PV facade design in Sweden

More Green Hydrogen

  • August 13, 2021

What’s happening? MIT Technology review looked into green hydrogen as a panacea to fossil fuels by using the green hydrogen produced during solar and wind energy generation

Why is this important? Looking for alternatives for hydrogen sources is intensifying

How will this be important? Europe is a roadmap for utilizing green hydrogen. Follow the map.

MIT Technology Review | Cheap renewables could make green hydrogen a practical replacement for fossil fuels

Gas Stations v. Rest Stops for EV Charger Install

  • August 13, 2021

What’s happening? The federal infrastructure bill did not include provisions governing EV charge installation at rest stops which are viewed as a means for utilities to build out EV charging stations.

Why is this important? Some say there is a tradition to not commercialize rest stops. Convenience stores, fuel retailers, restaurants oppose utilities installing EV fast chargers at rest stops.

How will this be important? This article interviews gas station chain owners some who are experimenting with chargers, but don’t know how to price it; some who are waiting to see; and some who just say No it’s not worth the investment cost.

WSJ | Gas Stations Face Tough, Costly Choice on EV Chargers

EV Fast Charger Partnership

  • August 13, 2021

What’s happening? The convenience store chain, Kum & Go, is partnering in its 22nd DC fast charging store by partnering with the Colorado Energy Office.

Why is this important? The partnership also involves Charge Point. Charge Point has a contract with the Colorado Energy Office to build out the corridors project at 34 locations

How will this be important? In 2010 Kim & Go started a sustainability push that led to  Kum & Go becoming the world’s first convenience store certified under the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Volume Program.

CStore Decisions | Kum & Go Partners With Colorado Energy Office for New EV Stations

Shore Power.

  • August 12, 2021

What is happening? The Port of Prince Rupert is utilizing shore power to reduce port pollution.

Why is this important? Shore power generate energy by way of electrical devices that spread power from port facilities to ships themselves

How will this be important? Each Port is tackling emissions in different ways. Long Beach is adopting EV freight vehicles. Port of Houston has a pilot program for an emission free train/pod to move cargo.

Governing | Our Ports Have a Problem. They Can Solve It If We Let Them

What’s Next for the Energy Storage Caucus?

  • August 6, 2021

What’s happening? We’ve talked about Congress’ Energy Storage Caucus, and now it has a new topic on its list: Green Hydrogen

Why is this important? Green Hydrogen is bipartisan: U.S. Representative John Curtis (R-UT) & U.S. Representative Mark Takano (D-CA)

How will this be important? Currently hydrogen is extracted from natural gas, green hydrogen can be extracted from plain water via electrolysis. Look for tax credits, incentives etc…

Triple Pundit | New Bipartisan Energy Storage Caucus Has Green Hydrogen Up Its Sleeve

EV Chargers in Street Lights

  • August 6, 2021

What’s happening? A pilot program in Kansas City led by a nonprofit, the Metropolitan Energy Center is adding EV chargers to street lights

Why is this important? The project says charging by street lights bring charging to more neighborhoods, more equitably. This includes not only BIBPOC neighborhoods but also renters.

How will this be important? The coalition in the project includes universities, utilities, construction firms, and charging and e-mobility firms. Emulate at your leisure.

Smart Cities | Kansas City Street Light Mounted EV Charging Pilot

By The Numbers: TIDAL POWER

  • August 6, 2021

What’s happening? Scotland is touting its new Tidal generating power station in the Fall of Warness that will:

  • 15 years of research
  • 80 yard length of machinery
  • 15 years of operation
  • Annually power 2,000 UK homes with clean, reliable power

Why is this important? it connects to the power grid via undersea cable

How will this be important? The U.S. is starting to dip its toe in water based power generation- like wind in the Gulf and the Northeast. After the E.U. adopted wind power that was water based, it is moving into tidal based power.

@goodgoodgoodco instagram

Legislation to Recycle Waste Water

  • August 5, 2021

What’s happening? In 2017, California passed AB-574 (2017 | CA) that requires California’s Water Resources Control Board to adopt uniform criteria for direct potable reuse of recycled water by the end of December 2023. This will allow purified water to be sent directly to surface water reservoirs.

Why is this important? Recycling of waste water is an ongoing effort in California since the 1990s and bolsters regional water planning.

How will this be important? There will always be an area of drought that must consider new options.

Governing | California Invests in Recycled Water as Droughts Take a Toll

State Incentives for Energy Storage

  • July 30, 2021

What’s happening? CT will offer incentives to residential and business customers who install energy storage as part of its Equitable Modern Grid Initiative. The goal is 1000 MW of storage statewide by 2030.

Why is this important? Every market is tackling energy storage differently. Incentives aren’t common, but times change. Residential incentives will be up to 50MW and 7500 and business incentives will $225 tp $270 KWHr for up to 50MW through 2024.

How will this be important? 8 states have storage goals: CT, NY, NJ, CA, NV, MA, OR, VA.

Utility Dive | Connecticut Details Incentives

+1 Manufacturer Investing in EV Charger Companies

  • July 30, 2021

What’s happening? EV manufacturer, Fisker, is investing in Allego, an EV Charging Company, for its merger with Spartan Acquisition Corp III.

Why is this important? The goal is a  “seamless charging experience” for Fisker drivers using Allego chargers. This is sounding like the week’s trend.

How will this be important? Watch who partners with whom, who controls the power charger infrastructure and where the electricity is sourced.

Tech Crunch | Fisker invests in EV charging network Allego’s SPAC merger

How overhead power lines could decarbonize road freight

  • July 29, 2021

What’s happening? The UK is talking about decarbonization by taking their lories and powering them with overhead power lines.

Why is this important? A test run of the project will bring together trucking company, Scania, electrical giant Siemens and infrastructure company Costain. 

How will this be important? Keeping big trucks on the roads and Supporting Electric Companies

Daily Mail | The truck that thinks it’s a tram! Lorries could run on overhead power lines motorways in latest green bid to ‘decarbonise’ road freight

Solar EV Charger Partnership

  • July 29, 2021

What’s happening? SunPower and Spain’s Wallbox have partnered to integrate EV chargers into customers’ homes and businesses.

Why is this important? It builds on their current business model to allow for “a more comprehensive system to let EV owners repower their cars with energy they’re producing at home”

How will this be important? Sunpower is following a model created by Tesla and followed by Ford & Sunrun. More to follow.

Forbes | SunPower Joins Market For Solar-Fueled EV Charging, Teaming With Wallbox

Developers Scrap 500,000 home solar array after resident opposition

  • July 29, 2021

What’s happening? Developers were planning the largest home solar array to power 500,000 homes outside Las Vegas. Then residents created Save our Mesa, ran with messaging and the developers pulled out.

Why is this important? The messaging focused on:

  • the project is an eyesore
  • the project would curtail the area’s popular recreational activities — biking, ATVs and skydiving
  • the project would deter tourists from visiting sculptor Michael Heizer’s land installation, “Double Negative”

How will this be important? Even though the majority of NV voters this year approved higher clean air standards, the coalition of conservationists, endangered species advocates and local businesses that cater to tourists won out over solar.

AP | Plans for largest US solar field north of Vegas scrapped

EV Charger Systems in State Parks

  • July 22, 2021

What’s happening? Rivian reached an agreement with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation to install waypoint chargers at TN state parks that will be open to the public and accessible to all electric vehicle brands with a J1772 plug.

Why is this important? A similar proposal was floated in Texas legislatively in 2021. Rivian 4 months ago announced a similar deal with CO parks.

How will this be important? Rivian in its agreements agree to service and maintain the chargers, at no cost, for 10 years

Rivian | Rivian plans to install EV chargers in Tennessee’s 56 state parks

Expedited Utility Owned EV Chargers

  • July 22, 2021

What’s happening? California regulators have approved an expedited process for utilities to have their EV charger plans approved. California has already approved $1.5 Billion in transportation electrification by utilities

Why is this important? To meet the state’s 2025 clean air goals, they need to build charging networks faster, hence the expedited approval system for utilities. Plans that  promote resilience; serve customers without access to home charging; investments in medium and heavy-duty vehicles; & new building constructions will qualify for expedited approval.

How will this be important? There’s a catch to get expedited approval, utilities must limit the infrastructure they will own to only 50% of what’s in the proposed program

Utility Dive | California approves expedited pathway for near term utility EV investments

CO2 Reductions in the Power Industry in 2021

  • July 22, 2021

What’s happening?

  • CO2 emissions decreasing about 10% between 2019 and 2020
  • Fueled by increased renewable generation and coal-to-gas transitions
  •  Power produced by non-hydro renewables increased 20% from 2019
  • coal-fired generation decreased by roughly 17%

Why is this important?

  • 20 states have aggressive plans for 100% sustainable power
  • 12 states have not initiated any clean energy plans

How will this be important? “From 2000 to 2020, US power sector CO2 emissions decreased 37%, while the gross domestic product grew 40%”

S&P Global Platts | US reducing power sector CO2 emissions while growing economy: study

2 Signs Houston Cementing its Role as Energy Capital

  • July 22, 2021

What’s happening? The Financial Times and the Nikkei are opening a joint office in Houston to cover energy news

Why is this important? they want to cover a variety of subjects including:

  • the shift toward a low-carbon economy
  • the influx of tech companies
  • energy policy
  • corporate management trends
  • latest developments in the U.S. economy

How will this be important? “Houston is an obvious place to position ourselves to capture a big, globally relevant story”

Nikkei Asia | Nikkei and FT to open Houston bureau, strengthening energy coverage

Decommissioned Generators + Crypto Mining

  • July 15, 2021

What’s happening? Crypto miners are buying old power plants and manufacturing facilities to use for mining cryptocurrency.

Why is this important? Miners are looking for stranded power facilities or dormant energy facilities

How will this be important? redeveloping abandoned utility and manufacturing facilities has new face

Curbed | Got an Old Power Plant Lying Around?

Update: Maine’s Consumer Owned Electric Utility

  • July 15, 2021

What’s happening? Maine’s Governor vetoed the legislation that would have allowed the state to acquire the two electric utilities operating in Maine to create one state consumer owned utility. The Governor said the bill was rushed and creates more problems than it solves.

Why is this important? Supporters are moving to add this to the state ballot for approval by voters if the Legislature cannot override the veto, which seems to be the case.

How will this be important? We’ve seen through t he years localities buying up private water utilities to make them city owned water utilities. Now we’re moving into electric utilities converting to governmental entity owned utilities.

Mount Desert Islander | Mills vetoes bill to buy out power companies

ERCOT Announces 6 Initiatives

  • July 15, 2021

What’s happening? This week ERCOT released the following 6 initiatives:

  •  Taking a more aggressive operating approach. ERCOT is bringing more generation online sooner if it is needed to balance supply and demand. The grid operator is also purchasing more reserve power, especially on days when the weather forecast is uncertain.
  • Requiring CEO certifications. After a rule change, all market participants who own or operate generation resources and/or transmission/distribution power lines will be required to submit a letter signed by their CEO twice a year certifying their companies have completed their weatherization preparations to protect the electric grid for the summer and winter seasons.
  • Adding new requirements for generation owners. ERCOT is proposing a new market rule that requires generators to provide operational updates more frequently.
  • Assessing on-site fuel supplies. ERCOT is reviewing the need for on-site fuel supplies for some generators.
  • Performing unannounced testing of generation resources. This testing helps verify that generators have provided accurate information about their availability.
  • Addressing transmission constraints in Rio Grande Valley. ERCOT and the PUC are initiating a process to address RGV transmission limitations and provide increased market access for resources in the Valley. This will improve reliability for customers during normal conditions and high-risk weather events.

Why is this important? After February 2021 Winter Storm Uri, ERCOT is under the microscope from policymakers, the public, business interests, and consumer advocates.

How will this be important? ERCOT wants to balance grid reliability with consumer protections and free market incentives.

ERCOT | ERCOT unveils Roadmap to Improving Grid Reliability

Clean Air Bill Target: Food Waste & Landfills

  • July 15, 2021

What’s happening? Looking for a way to reduce greenhouse gases that doesn’t hit the energy industry? Well, follow NY which passed a bill to limit the amount of food waste that goes into landfills to cut down on methane and greenhouse gases.

Why is this important? 8 states in the North East and California require food waste to be reprocessed before hitting landfills to limit greenhouse gases.

How will this be important? The food waste instead gets mixed with microbes and manure, and turn it into fuel, fertilizer and bedding for dairy cows. In New Jersey the target was producers of food waste such as hospitals, prisons, restaurants and supermarkets recycle food garbage rather than send it to incinerators or landfills.

Route Fifty | Waste Not? Some States Are Sending Less Food to Landfills

Protect Water Resources with Solar Panels

  • July 9, 2021

What’s happening? India is protecting its water supply by creating evaporation shelters that are solar panels.

Why is this important? Drought can be impacted by limiting evaporation. Perhaps this is a two-fer- power source and evaporation protection all in one.

How will this be important? Put this in your pocket for a negation tool if your solar project gets questions and then offer to limit water evaporation to help with drought.


Sharing Economy Meets Energy Sector Supply Chain

  • July 9, 2021

What’s happening? Meet REPOWR which is peer to peer sharing of energy services equipment.

Why is this important? “The company is refining the way transportation companies rent and lease equipment, by connecting transportation and leasing companies to a network marketplace.”

How will this be important? Companies can generate revenue from equipment that is not currently in use.

Gas World | On-demand access to equipment

Anatomy of Offshore Wind Bills

  • July 8, 2021

What’s happening? New Jersey is looking at offshore wind bills. The opposition in the Garden State are environmental and consumer groups. S3926 (2021 | NJ)

Why is this important? The opposition is opposed to private developers exercising eminent domain to build transmission lines for the offshore wind that supersedes local control of the land involved.

How will this be important? Opposition based on private entities exercising eminent domain isn’t new. We’ll see how this plays out in a post-COVID mindset where equitable treatment leads conversations.

NJ.com | Bill to speed offshore wind power opposed by environmental, consumer groups

Trees Clean Air. Trees Cut Heating & Cooling Costs.

  • July 8, 2021

What’s happening? American Forests issued “tree equity scores” for cities over 500,000 saying trees clean air, cut heating and cooling costs and increase property values.

Why is this important? I you’re in TX- Houston, Ft. Worth & El Paso are on the list of cities that could benefit from more trees. If, you’re in California, it’s San Jose, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Diego.

How will this be important? Trees aren’t costly or complicated compared to other strategies. That could make this a very popular policy choice.

Route Fifty | The Cities That Have the Most to Gain From Planting More Trees

Groundwater Rules Changing in California.

  • July 8, 2021

What’s happening? California use to allow farmers unlimited access to groundwater. Now, flow meters are required on agricultural wells courtesy of the 2014 Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

Why is this important? The policy argument is that the state can best manage its groundwater resources if it understands how much groundwater is being used

How will this be important? There’s that Texas study recommending changes to Texas “antiquated” groundwater rules. As water resources change, rethinking the old ways changes. The California rules require “managers of the state’s 140 most overdrawn groundwater basins must balance the amount of water being pumped from, and recharged into, aquifers by 2040. It allows increased pumping during drought only if no major problems result.”

San Jose Mercury News | The end of California’s groundwater free-for-all 

Tuscon Building Code Update- EV Ready

  • June 25, 2021

What’s happening? Tucson Arizona has updated its building code to require electric vehicle (EV) charging outlets in all new one- and two-family dwellings

Why is this important? Phase 2 of the building code update will be EV requirements for new commercial and multifamily housing

How will this be important? Tucson ensured that the code updates will be universal in that all charging equipment could be used at the new required 40 amp circuit 

City of Tucson | New homes now required to be EV-Ready

Parking Lot Begets Battery Storage & EV Charging

  • June 25, 2021

What’s happening? ConEd, partnered with Centrica Business Solutions, is flipping an empty parking lot in Brooklyn into a new concept battery storage and EV charging center.

Why is this important? The hybrid facility will house 5 MW/ 15MWh battery system holds enough power for about 5,000 apartments for four hours of peak summer usage & offer  18 direct-current fast chargers 

How will this be important? COVID resulted in more open parking lots, so why not flip a parking lot…

PV Magazine | ConEdison is developing a battery storage and EV charging facility

Water Saving Bill: Ban Useless Grass

  • June 25, 2021

What’s happening? Nevada Governor has signed a bill to ban all useless grass in the Las Vegas Valley.

Why is this important? Useless grass is unused grass – on verges and outside offices and housing developments.

How will this be important? It is estimated that over 200 watershed across the country are operating at drought levels.

World Economic Forum | In Nevada, authorities have banned ‘useless grass’ to protect the water supply

Bill Shifts Recycling Costs to Companies

  • June 25, 2021

What’s happening? Maine Legislature passed LD 1541 (2021 | ME) that shifts part of the cost of recycling packaging onto the producer. It’s the first time an extended producer responsibility program passed a state Legislature.

Why is this important? Similar programs in Canada and the EU improve municipal recycling at no extra cost to consumers

How will this be important? Maine included exceptions for small businesses

Resource Recycling | Maine lawmakers approve first-in-nation packaging EPR bill

New Ground Water Study. Rice University Baker School

  • June 18, 2021

What’s happening? A Rice University Fellow is reminding us that Texas Rule of Capture is more than 120 years old and is based on water practices from more than 1000 years ago in Ancient Rome. Texas is growing fast. More people. More industry. More more more.

Why is this important? Instead of responding reactively per usual, see the next question, let’s proactively and plan. He suggests looking to these states for ground water policy: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio and Oklahoma. Wink wink, nudge, nudge OH and MI  groundwater law doctrines “emphasize an equitable balance between competing uses while still respecting water owners’ property rights”

How will this be important? As drought conditions worsen, access to water rises nd the policy questions re-emerge. Cyclical policy changes.

Overruling the Rule of Capture | Baker Institute

Corridor News | Study warns Texas must address future of groundwater policy

Texas A&M. Off Shore Renewable Energy

  • June 18, 2021

What’s happening? Texas A&M researchers are proposing large floating platform would convert energy from multiple sources, including wind turbines, wave energy converters, current/tidal energy converters, and solar energy panels.

Why is this important? Currently in Texas there is a request to converse power in Texas because of a June heat wave. We haven’t even seen August when it is ridiculously hot.

How will this be important? Louisiana is partnering with one of those Northeast states to make Gulf Wind Generation bigger and better.

Texas A&M Today | Research Underway On Floating Renewable Energy Station

Voter Approval for Consumer Owned Utilities

  • June 18, 2021

What’s happening? Maine Legislature has passed LD 1708 (2021 | ME) that would put to the voters of Maine whether to create a consumer owned utility to replace the state’s investor-owned utilities

Why is this important? The policy talking points are more affordable, more reliable, cleaner and Maine-operated power

How will this be important? Maine has been experiencing long outages, high costs and point to foreign owned utilities as catalysts for the legislation.

Beacon | Bill to put proposed consumer-owned utility on ballot passes legislature

3 Categories of EV Charger Infrastructure Costs

  • June 17, 2021

What’s happening? We know EV chargers are happening, and as partnerships emerge and unfold we learn bout the types of costs. So here we go:

Procurement Costs:

  • Hardware
  • Contracts
  • Software
  • Grid Hosting
  • Make Ready Infrastructure

Required Costs:

  • payment system
  • measurement standards compliance
  • ADA requirements
  • Dual plug requirements
  • Cost standards

Soft Costs:

  • Communication between utilities and providers
  • Innovation
  • Land Use costs
  • Permitting costs

Why is this important? Partnerships. Software companies partnering with infrastructure companies partnering with payment companies. Build your owner partnership with these costs.

How will this be important? The lists will ebb and flow but the key is innovation, how quickly do standards change? Do standards change? Are new costs soft or fixed?

Governing | EV Charging Stations Can Benefit Local Economies

EVs and the Grid

  • June 17, 2021

What’s happening? Ev supporters say we need more chargers to keep up with demand. More chargers means more electricity use. EVs could soak up excess daytime solar power. Can incentivize off peak charging.

Why is this important? Grid stability is a priority for policy makers. EVs can bring down total energy use in communities because “Continuous increases in efficiency have led to reduced demand for electricity in advanced economies.”

How will this be important? charging stations could be a conduit for vehicles to provide power back to electrical grids, a resource when outages occur or when demand exceeds supply.

Governing | EV Charging Stations Can Benefit Local Economies

New EU Cyber Security Rules for Electric

  • June 11, 2021

What’s happening? EU regulators are building on 2018 rules with specific new cybersecurity rules for the electric sector. New features will include requiring national authorities to share information about cyberattacks with officials in other EU member states, including whether attacks could affect other countries; and a need for an agency that responds to cyberattacks and potentially helps detect them.

Why is this important? The regulators noticed that while the EU adopted the first rules in 2018, critical infrastructure was determined country by country using varying standards. While  the continent shares an electricity grid and attacks could spread among countries.

How will this be important? Laws regularly hop the pond and are adopted in the States.

Wall Street Journal | European Energy Sector Prepares for New Cybersecurity Rules

Meet Solar Hydro Energy Storage

  • June 11, 2021

What is happening? Australia will be home to 50MW facility hydro solar facility with storage.

Why is this important? the way it works is novel…. “‘solar hydro’ power plant features concentrated PV technology that generates heat as a by-product, which is captured and used for thermal storage. The electro-thermal storage system consists of an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbine, industrial chillers, and two insulated water-based thermal storage pits or reservoirs, each roughly the size of four Olympic size swimming pools. One of the reservoirs is kept at a temperature of 90 C and the other at close to 0 C, and the temperature difference is used to generate dispatchable electricity using ORC turbines.”

How will this be important? Provides longer duration firming for renewable energy generation at a lower cost.

PV Magazine | Australia to host 50 MWh ‘solar hydro’ plant with storage

Water v. Electric Cyber Security By the Numbers

  • June 10, 2021

What’s happening? let’s compare the size and scope of water utilities vs. electric utilities.

Water: 52,000 community drinking water systems in the U.S. provide tap water to nearly 300 million Americans. 93% provide water to fewer than 10,000 people. 67% to fewer than 500. 100,000 non-community drinking water systems at campgrounds, schools, hospitals, office buildings, factories and other locations. 16,000 waste water treatment servicing 250 million.

Electric: 200 companies provide electricity to the majority of Americans. About 3,000 electric utilities in the country

Why is this important? One size solution does not fit all.

How will this be important? Solutions to secure systems have to consider scale and scale varies greatly.

Governing | How Simple Fixes Can Prevent Cyber Attacks on Water Systems

No & Low Cost Fixes to Stop Water Cyber Security Attacks

  • June 10, 2021

What’s happening? In February a water treatment plant in Oldsmar, FL was hacked releasing unsafe levels of sodium hydroxide into the water supply.

Why is this important? A human noticed the issue and intervened. Lessons learned to address the issue include segmenting the industrial control systems  so that it is not on the same system as the  information technology system used for business functions. Ensuring secure connections for remote workers. Ensuring fired employees have systems access revoked immediately upon termination. Ensuring security in rural communities.

How will this be important? Free resources for water via WaterISAC, a nonprofit established in coordination with industry associations, research organizations and the EPA, available at 15 Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Water and Wastewater Utilities. The EPA offers $6.5 billion for low-cost loans to support water infrastructure projects, including “new or innovative approaches” to cybersecurity.

Governing | How Simple Fixes Can Prevent Cyber Attacks on Water Systems

ESG & Utility Credit Ratings

  • June 4, 2021

What’s happening? Moody’s Investor Service this week said that ESG standards have a negative impact on utility CREDIT ratings, especially if the utility owns generation.

Why is this important? PG&E and Edison have both seen recent credit ratings downgrades

How will this be important? Not only is this tied to sustainability and climate issues such as severe weather events, but mitigation can occur and can occur in other aspects of ESG such as governance.

Utility Dive | ESG issues weigh on utility credit ratings, particularly PG&E, Edison and FirstEnergy: Moody’s

Clean Energy Bill with EV Build Out

  • June 4, 2021

What’s happening? The Nevada Legislature sent SB 448 (2021 | NV) to the Governor.

Why is this important? The bill gave the state’s largest utility what it wanted to build out $2 billion in transmission lines and at the same time the utility must invest $100 million in electric vehicle charging stations

How will this be important? Let’s consider the make up of the Nevada Legislature, but not the partisan, the male/female. Nevada has had a majority of female legislators, who are more apt to reach agreements and listen to opposing opinions.

Northern Nevada Business | Nevada Legislature recap: Cannabis lounges, short-term rental tax among business-related bills OK’d on last day

Climate Neutral Cement Plant

  • June 4, 2021

What’s happening? A Norwegian company and a Swedish company are joining forces like wonder twins to create the carbon capture cement plant launching in 2030, that will capture almost 1.8 million tonnes of CO2 annually.

Why is this important? World’s 1st climate neutral cement plant.

How will this be important? The partnership shows the benefits of collaborating to solve climate and environmental issues.

Bellona | The world’s first climate-neutral cement plant in Gotland, Sweden

New Non-Profit Concerning Microgrids

  • June 4, 2021

What’s happening? Microgrid Resources Coalition is now a non-profit advocating for micrograms

Why is this important? Their goal is “focused on breaking down barriers for resilient and clean microgrids across North America.”

How will this be important? In the press release they point to power failures in Texas and California show us that “Microgrids provide customers and utilities with a key resilient energy solution capable of simultaneously benefiting communities and the electric system as a whole”

Microgrid Resources Coalition

Oregon Funds Utility EV Charger Rollout

  • May 28, 2021

What’s happening? Oregon Governor this week signed HB 2165 (2021 | OR) that permits utilities to collect a fee for EV charger infrastructure so long as 50% of the investment benefit low-income, rural, and BIPOC communities in their service territories.

Why is this important? Equity and diversity in electrification are going hand in hand.

How will this be important? This isn’t the first time we have seen EV charger infrastructure funds being tied to low income, rural and BIPOC communities. It won’t be the last either.

1190 KEX | Brown Signs EV Bill

Adieu Foreign Ownership of Infrastructure in Texas

  • May 28, 2021

What’s happening? A 140,000 acre ranch in Texas owned by a former Chinese military officials who sought to build solar and wind farms, will be prohibited from direct ownership by the  Lone Star Infrastructure Protection Act.

Why is this important? After the Colonial Pipeline was seized by ransomware there were renewed calls for bans on foreign ownership of infrastructure.

How will this be important? The call for US owned infrastructure will continue and expand.

News 4 SA | Texas stops Chinese billionaire from building wind farm

County Creates Hydrogen Hub

  • May 27, 2021

What’s happening? Energy developers are making San Juan County, N.M., into a “hydrogen hub.”

Why is this important? A hydrogen hub will supply clean electricity to western utilities, plus non-carbon fuel for vehicles and industrial processes. The first station will focus on blue hydrogen.

How will this be important? Libertad Power Project LLC will have the first hydrogen station up and running by 2024 & will ultimately expand the site into an industrial center for hydrogen fuel supply in multiple markets

Governing | San Juan County, N.M., Aims to Become a Hydrogen Energy Hub

Proposed Changes to California Roof Top Solar

  • May 27, 2021

What’s happening? Concerns that homes with solar panels are being overpaid, the proposal would (1) reduce bill credits received in exchange for excess energy their solar generates (2) a new monthly charge on them AB1139 (2021 | CA)

Why is this important? Opponents say this is a fight between traditional energy and solar energy that threatens more blackouts and wildfires. Supporters say that the legislation will “right-size an unfair burden faced by those who don’t have solar panels.”

How will this be important? The state regulator is also considering similar changes if the Legislature fails to act.

Governing | It Is Not All Sunshine in California’s Rooftop Solar Industry

Right to Charge Legislation

  • May 21, 2021

What is happening? In 2020, Virginia passed Right to Charge legislation that gives Virginia Condo owners the right to charge their EVs.

Why is this important? home owner associations have been fearful of EV chargers. The fears include fires, liability, expense and access.

How will this be important? Right to Charge legislation will make the rounds through the states. SB 630 (2020 | VA)

Energy News Network | Virginia law cleared a path for condo owners to install charging stations

1st Statewide Publicly Owned Utility

  • May 21, 2021

What’s happening? A bipartisan group of Legislators in Maine are pushing to create the nation’s first statewide owned utility.

Why is this important? The new statewide entity would “issue bonds to purchase the assets of the state’s two investor-owned utilities, Central Maine Power, a subsidiary of Avangrid and the state’s largest utility, and Versant Power, formerly known as Emera Maine.”

How will this be important? The goal is to make Maine the first statet o reach its 100% renewable energy state.

Utility Dive | Bipartisan Maine lawmakers push to create first statewide, publicly-owned utility in US

Energy Data Shows Renewable Cred

  • May 21, 2021

What’s happening? Global companies, including Google and Microsoft, have a global collaboration to get more granular energy use information to strengthen their renewable energy use data.

Why is this important? “U.K.-based EnergyTag is developing a framework to shift grid generation information to a more granular, hourly standard, and ensure companies aiming to get their electricity from zero emissions power sources are not operating in markets running off fossil fuels when intermittent resources such as wind and solar aren’t generating at full capacity”

How will this be important? It will change energy data reporting to hourly.

Utility Dive | Google, Microsoft, other companies pursue new certification to back 24/7 clean energy claims

Every Action Has an Equal and Opposite Reaction

  • May 21, 2021

What’s happening? After the pipeline hack in the US, Japan announced restrictions against foreign technology in its telecom and energy infrastructure.

Why is this important? There will be many regulatory reactions to the Colonial Pipeline hack.

How will this be important? Let’s make a list of all the regulatory reactions because that will fuel business for a few years.

Nikkei Asia | Japan to restrict use of foreign tech in telecom, power grids

Let’s learn something: EV Chargers + Utility Poles

  • May 14, 2021

What’s happening? Data points to a 70% cost savings by mounting EVSE chargers 10 feet up a wooden utility pole.

Why is this important? The chargers are easier to service, and consumers access them by scanning a QR code at human level, and the charger lowers to them.

How will this be important? Cost savings and EV expansion- that’s what everyone and their dog wants

Smart Cities World | Utility pole-mounted EV chargers help turn Melrose green

COVID. Nevada and the EV + Renewable Bill

  • May 14, 2021

What is happening? Nevada is considering SB 448 (2021 | NV) that will speed the approval of transmission lines needed to move low-cost, renewable electricity, require the state’s largest utility, NV Energy, to invest $100 million in charging infrastructure for light, medium, and heavy-duty electric vehicles (EVs) over the next three years.

Why is this important? The bill will tackle a COVID angle by requiring that at least 40% of NV Energy’s investments will be made in “communities that have borne a disproportionate share of transportation pollution and have suffered most from COVID-19—a disease that is made more deadly by exposure to local air pollution.”

How will this be important? The link renewables to EVs, its happening more often and more quickly.

NRDC | Nevada Aims to Plug Vehicles into Renewable Energy

+1 Utility in the Electric Highway Coalition

  • May 14, 2021

What’s happening? National Grid has joined 7 other utilities in the Electric Highway Coalition. “Each utility within the coalition is taking steps to provide charging solutions in their service territories and collaborating to ensure accessibility, reliability, and a positive customer experience. “

Why is this important? National Grid has already deployed 1,400 charging ports with 16,000 on the way, one of the largest EV charging programs outside of California.

How will this be important? Coalitions are effective and popular. Let’s learn from it.

Niagra Frontier Publications | National Grid joins coalition to increase EV charging across US

Anatomy of a Public Service Commission Approved EV Plan

  • May 14, 2021

What’s happening? Florida Public Service Commission approved Duke Energy’s new multi-part electric vehicle (EV) program,  is $62.9 million over the four-year period 2022-2025. The plan will include RESIDENTIAL EV NON-TIME OF USE CREDIT PROGRAM, REBATE PROGRAM FOR COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL (C&I) CUSTOMER CHARGING STATIONS, DUKE FLORIDA-OWNED DC FAST CHARGE (DCFC) STATION PROGRAM

Why is this important? Review it, see what you like, add it to your strategic planning.

How will this be important? We’re at the beginning of building out EV infrastructure. These approvals will ebb and flow and tweaks will occur. Pieces of other proposals will meld together until we see a model version that gets repeated.

CleanEnergy.org | Florida Public Service Commission Approves State’s Largest Electric Transportation Program

Solar Farms and Bees

  • May 7, 2021

What is happening? The Texas Legislature is considering SB 1772 (2021 | TX) that would create the Texas Pollinator-Smart program to promote protection of bees at solar energy sites.

Why is this important? A couple weeks ago we talked about a pilot program in Arizona that integrated agricultural practices around and under solar installations. Ag and solar are gong hand in hand.

How will this be important? The program will award certificates to qualifying solar sites. This is the type of social impact that catches the attention of consumers as their thirst for social impact companies grows.

An Oil & Gas Company and ESG

  • May 7, 2021

What is happening? ConocoPhilips have mentioned ESG in their lobbying reports when discussing their interest in disclosures. Specifically, climate-related financial disclosures.

Why is this important? ConocoPhillips has been recognized by the S&P Global’s Sustainability Yearbook 2021, which includes companies with top ESG scores from the credit rating agency.

How will this be important? The new economy has brought the change from a shareholder economy to a stakeholder economy, and there is no indication of this change disappearing.

Bloomberg Law | Democrats’ ESG Drive Fuels Lobbying Bonanza in Washington

New Local Preemption: Clean Energy

  • May 6, 2021

What’s happening? Florida Legislature has. Package of energy related preemption bills. SB 1128 (2021 | FL) preempts natural gas bans; SB 856 (2021 | FL) preempts gas station regulations and EV Charging station regulations; SB 896 (2021 | FL) “preempts local government from deciding whether or not solar facilities should be granted permits as agricultural land and redefines pulling methane gas from a landfill as renewable energy.”

Why is this important? Preemption is the name of the game for popular Republican legislation.

How will this be important? Other levels of government will always want to control how cities govern themselves.

Miami Herald via Governing | Florida Lawmakers Pre-empt Localities on Clean Energy Regulation

Fiscal Cost of Banning Gas in Local Building Codes

  • May 6, 2021

What’s happening? San Francisco wants to convert more than 240,000 housing units from gas- to electric-power. The cost: $3.5 to $5.9 BILLION

Why is this important? Other cities have or are considering bans on natural gas in buildings. The options San Francisco is considering 3 options: (1) retrofitting at the time of building sale (2) at the time of natural replacement or (3) incentivizing retrofits by charging property owners a fee for greenhouse gas emissions

How will this be important? Banning the use of natural gas in buildings is a trending way for local governments to address CO2 emissions, which means these bans are going to keep on keeping on

San Francisco Chronicle via Governing | San Francisco’s Costly Plan to Ban Gas in Buildings

Samsung Construction and Trading Corporation build $673m solar power plants in Texas

  • April 30, 2021

What is happening? Samsung is planning the almost 700MW capacity solar array in Milam County, Texas near one of its chip manufacturing plants

Why is this important? This is part of Samsung  C&T’s environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) strategy system, based on six non-financial areas: labour and human rights, environment and safety, co-prosperity, compliance, information security, and social contribution.

How will this be important? If there is 1, there are more.

Power Technology | Samsung C&T to build solar plants in Texas

Wind Power Funds Schools

  • April 30, 2021

What is happening? Blackwell Consolidated Independent School District provides a postsecondary scholarship of up to US$36,000 for graduates. The funding comes from  a $35 million deal the school district brokered with a wind farm company in 2005,

Why is this important? “[In Texas] school districts have a strong incentive to borrow money by selling bonds to pay for capital improvements, then use revenues from the wind farms to pay off the bonds.”

How will this be important? Findings show that new wind farms result in large increases in the amount of local revenue that is brought in per student, with only small reductions in state aid

The Conversation | Wind farms bring windfalls for rural schools, but school finance laws limit how money is spent

Powering EV Chargers with Renewables

  • April 29, 2021

What’s happening? Tesla announced that it would be powering all of its superchargers with renewable power by the end of 2021

Why is this important? Tesla also has a solar and energy storage business to accelerate renewable energy adoption

How will this be important? Rivian has also announced its own renewable powered charging network

Electrek | Tesla says it will power all Superchargers with renewable energy this year

Recycle Material Standards Legislation

  • April 29, 2021

What is happening? SB 5022 (2020 | WA) would require plastic containers for beverages, household cleaning products & personal care products sold in Washington state to contain up to 50% post-consumer-use recycled content by 2031. By June 2024, the use of polystyrene foam will be banned. An increase in the content of recycled material in plastic garbage bags.

Why is this important? Greater media coverage and awareness of the quantity of unrecycled plastic

How will this be important? Local governments and state governments have taken action on single use plastic, this Washington State legislation is the next step forward

Seattle Times via Governing | Washington State Bill to Reduce Plastic, Styrofoam Waste

NY Regulator Prevents Utility Owned Storage

  • April 23, 2021

What’s happening? The New York Public Service Commission rejected a request from state utilities to allow for utility-owned storage projects.

Why is this important? other states are considering ownership and operation of storage facilities. It is a ripe issue.

How will this be important?  New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology consortium said that allowing utilities to own assets could skew the market and disadvantage developers who want to own their own assets. The consortium is good info to keep in. your memory palace.

Utility Dive | New York rejects 6 utilities’ bid to own storage projects, extends next deployment deadline

Bill Requires Utilities to Share Cyber Security Information

  • April 23, 2021

What’s happening? Georgia HB 156 (2021 | GA) will require utilities to share cyber incidents with the state.

Why is this important? Worldwide utilities have been hacked, and the U.S. is keen on ensuring reliable and secure utility service.

How will this be important? Hacking information is the new frontier.