Restaurant Data Sharing Ordinance Heads to Court

  • September 16, 2021

What’s happening? At the end of July New York City passed a rule that required food delivery services to share customer information with restaurants with the policy goal of giving restaurants access to their customers. Now, Door Dash is suing in part because there are no data security measures for when the information is transferred.

Why is this important? Also included in the NYC vs. Food Delivery brouhahah is a cap on fees that delivery services can charge.

How will this be important? Delivery services say ultimately customers will be harmed because they’ll have fewer options and NYC says that restaurants are the backbone of the NYC economy.

NY Post | DoorDash sues NYC over data-sharing law, privacy concerns

Ransomware Payments Illegal?

  • September 16, 2021

What’s happening? Supports of prohibiting ransom payments to hackers say that by prohibiting the payment of ransomware we will see a decline in ransomware.

Why is this important? For those playing along at their offices, we know that Oklahoma passed a bill , HB 1759 (OK | 2021 )this year to make ransomeware specifically a crime. 3 states, PA, NY and NC are considering making payments to ransomware attacks illegal. A bill died in Texas to this effect.

How will this be important? Bans will be part of a multi prong approach including: incentives, mutual aid where the governments identify experts that can help businesses, and building business resiliency.

Government Technology | States Consider Legislation to Ban Ransomware Payments

WSJ | Should Ransomware Payments Be Made Illegal?

License Plate Reading Software has a new Home: Your Neighborhoods

  • September 16, 2021

What’s happening? Software companies that make license plate reading software has a new home as the companies are approaching neighborhoods.

Why is this important? local governments and states are not adopting the software, so the new message is license plate readers is a tool for neighborhood watch.

How will this be important? There is no empirical data that license plate readers reduce crime and the operation of the readers has little oversight in the hands of a neighborhood. A San Antonio neighborhood raised concerns of stalking fellow neighbors.

Electronic Frontier Foundation | Things to Know Before Your Neighborhood Installs an Automated License Plate Reader

Rise in non-ransomware attacks

  • September 16, 2021

What’s happening? A new report from cybersecurity firm, Strikeforce, says that there is a rise in using compromised credentials to gain access as opposed to malware and ransomware.

Why is this important? Multilayer credential checks along with repetitive credential checks are the way around this type of attack. The attacks are also faster at gaining access to other systems within a network at an average time of 1 hour and 32 minutes.

How will this be important? As hackers are faster and quicker, entities have to react more quickly to secure their systems and users.

Route Fifty | Report: Hackers Shift from Malware to Less Detectable Credential Hijacking

Crowdstrike No Where to Hide 2021

El Salvador to Adopt Cryptocurrency

  • September 10, 2021

What’s happening? El Salvador is moving to adopt a cryptocurrency. It has acquired 200 bitcoins with a value total of $10 million.

Why is this important? More countries are moving toward adopting a form of cryptocurrency. El Salvador will accept bitcoin for goods, services and for taxes.

How will this be important? The El Salvador government’s bitcoin wallet Chivo, comes pre-loaded with $30 worth of the currency for users who register with a Salvadoran national ID number.


FoxBusiness | Bitcoin in El Salvador sparks crypto currency debate

Detroit’s Broadband Outreach

  • September 9, 2021

What’s happening? Detroit is using a marketing campaign for the Federal Communications Commission’s Emergency Broadband Benefit Program focused on a hotline number, radio ads, tv ads all targeted by the distinct neighborhoods. Flyers are distributed to churches.

Why is this important? The digital divide isn’t only urban-rural, but also within urban areas.

How will this be important? If the marketing is successful in Detroit, it could inform other cities.

Route Fifty | Behind Detroit’s Homegrown Campaign to Close the Digital Divide

State Election Security New Hires: Cyber Navigators

  • September 9, 2021

What’s happening? The new buzz word for state election security is “cyber navigators.

Why is this important? Cyber navigators are said to break down complicated cuber security for elections into tangible achievable pieces for election administrators

How will this be important? 7 States have passed cyber navigator programs: Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota and Ohio

Stateline via Governing | Facing Foreign Election Foes, States Hire ‘Cyber Navigators’

Ohio Personal Privacy Act

  • September 9, 2021

What is happening? Republican leadership in Ohio is proposing data rights for Ohioans with the ability to have personal data deleted and request that it not be sold.

Why is this important? OH led the nation in offering liability protection for companies that maintained reasonable dat security measures. That was 2017. Today, elected officials want protections for Ohioans.

How will this be important? It is being touted as giving businesses and consumers confidence in their data in Ohio.

Springfield News Sun via Governing | Ohio to Create Data Rights as Breaches Set to Break Records

Meet the Cryptocurrency Compliance Cooperative

  • August 27, 2021

What is happening? Operators of U.S. bitcoin ATMs formed a coalition to strengthen compliance standards to prevent cryptocurrency crimes.

Why is this important? To legitimize cryptocurrency the crypto ATM companies need to ensure against crime and anonymous transactions

How will this be important? The coalition intends to grow its stakeholders to include cash-based cryptocurrency money service businesses, regulatory bodies, financial institutions, non-governmental, and law enforcement agencies

Business Insider | Bitcoin ATM operators are forming a coalition to prevent crypto-linked crimes

New Home for Facial Recognition Software: Airports

  • August 27, 2021

What’s happening? Newark Airport is testing facial recognition software to assist with boarding

Why is this important? The goal of this pilot program is to make airports more effcieint

How will this be important? Commercialism the use of facial recognition, moving away from recent debates of the use of the software by governmental entities and law enforcement

Staten Island Advance | Newark, N.J., Airport Tests Facial Recognition for Boarding

Drones to deliver medical supplies

  • August 27, 2021

What is happening? Kansas is testing a drone program out that would allow it to move medical supplies and lab tests

Why is this important? It is a partnership between German drone manufacturer Wingcopter & Denver-based air medical service provider Air Methods

How will this be important? Can prove to be a safe and efficient way to transfer medical goods minimizing human interactions

Hutchinson News via Government Technology | Kan. Hospital Tests Medical Supply Drone Flight Paths

1st Campaign in Illinois to Receive Crypto Currency Contributions

  • August 27, 2021

What’s happening? Illinois Lake County Treasurer is the first campaign to take crypto current campaign contributions.

Why is this important? The FEC permits crypto currency contributions

How will this be important? The tech friendly candidate sees crypto currency contributions as a way to bring the tech supporters, who are not active campaign contributors

Government Technology | Lake County, Ill., Treasurer Takes Crypto Campaign Donations

Emerging Technologies Caucus

  • August 18, 2021

What’s happening? Pennsylvania has a  Emerging Technologies Caucus that is introducing a blockchain bill that would allow businesses in Pennsylvania to develop blockchain-based products

Why is this important? Your bill drafting guides & talking points:

  • H.B. 1370 “would establish a two-year financial technology sandbox program, which would allow the Department of Banking and Securities to work with the Department of State to waive specific laws and regulations that do not currently permit blockchain-focused financial technologies to be offered to consumers. The approved businesses would be required to notify the consumer that the product is part of a sandbox program and is still under development. “
  • H.R. 121 “would establish a blockchain working group tasked to create a master plan for growth of the blockchain industry in Pennsylvania, including developing appropriate recommendations for new laws and regulations.”

How will this be important? Blockchain is a grey area in the law

PA House | Napoleon Nelson introduces blockchain technology bill package

Lone Star Infrastructure Protection Act

  • August 18, 2021

What is happening? Texas Legislature passed the Lone Star Infrastructure Protection Act that prevents Texas from contracting with  foreign-owned companies from China, Russia, North Korea and Iran to protect the state’s critical infrastructure

Why is this important? The bill also gives the Texas governor the authority to add countries to the list, with consultation by the director of public safety and the Texas Department of Homeland Security.

How will this be important? SB 2116 (2021 | TX) let’s not be surprised when other states replicate this bill

Government Technology | Texas Law Will Block IT Contracts With Some Foreign Vendors

Crypto Miners + West Texas

  • August 17, 2021

What’s happening? Argo Blockchain, a Canadian cryptocurrency mining company, built a facility in Dickens County, Texas. Population 2300. The reason: Available cheap energy.

Why is this important? Texas has a deregulated energy market, “which means customers can choose between different power providers and providers are thus incentivized to provide low rates.” This translates to long term contracts at low rates.

How will this be important? If Texas adopts market reforms will these contracts be impacted? Miners consider themselves a virtual power plant based on their power agreements.

The Guardian | Why bitcoin entrepreneurs are flocking to rural Texas

MiamiCoin. Yes, Miami has a Cryptocurrency.

  • August 17, 2021

What’s happening? During the 1st week of August, Miami’s MiamiCoin project launched & has already generated $1Million in revenue for Miami. Miami under current laws can only receive the revenue in dollars, and cannot own the crypto. Currently Miami gets 30% of the revenue MiamiCoin generates using specific MiamiCoin protocols.

Why is this important? A discretionary pot on new revenue…name a city that wouldn’t be intrigued, please be my guest…

How will this be important? Revenue and the cryptocurrency is being touted as a “viable form of incentivizing civic engagement” Tallahassee is already working on ways for cities to own crypto…

Miami Herald via Governing | As MiamiCoin Crypto Continues to Grow, Miami Gets 30%

Bill Removes Liability Protection for Health Misinformation

  • August 13, 2021

What’s happening? Sen. Amy Klobuchar introduced a bill this week to strip online platforms like Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. of liability protections if their technology spreads misinformation about coronavirus vaccines or other public-health emergencies.

Why is this important? The bill tracks a report from the Center for Countering Digital Hate that says the majority of misinformation comes from 12 social media users.

How will this be important? Tech Leaders have indicated a modicum of support for amending the liability protection in Section 230, a provision in the 1996 Communications Decency Act

Market Watch | Bill aims to strip Facebook, Twitter of protections for spreading health misinformation

How do you enforce a Hack of CryptoCurrency?

  • August 13, 2021

What’s happening? On Tuesday it was announced by PolyNetowrk that hackers stole $600 million in various cryptocurrencies from its network. PolyNetwork asked the hackers to return the funds. As of this $4.8 million have been returned.

Why is this important? How do you enforce when the crypto is stored by blockchain, in multiple parts on multiple servers and US financial regulators are pushing to make cryptocurrency easier to trace.

How will this be important? The industry is asking and moving to self regulate and secure their assets.

Cyber Scoop | Hackers returned some of the $600 million they stole from Poly Network, a cryptocurrency firm

Safekeeping Seized Crypto

  • August 13, 2021

What’s happening? Anchorage Digital won a DOJ contract to store and liquidate digital assets that federal law enforcement seizes following criminal investigations

Why is this important? Anchorage Digital is also the 1st federally chartered bank for crypto

How will this be important? This will also be an issue for state regulators and it’s super new.

ReCode | Feds are seizing cryptocurrency from criminals. Now they have to figure out what to do with it.

One to Watch: Delivery Service Legislation

  • August 13, 2021

What’s happening? NYC Council passed an ordinance requiring a delivery service to share customer service with restaurants. Council members say they are helping restaurants by passing this measure. Opponents say it is hasty and replete with unintended consequences.

Why is this important? We’re relying more and more on delivery in this COVID world.

How will this be important? How governments handle regulating delivery services and the data that is accrued and shared among vendors.

Daily News | Send back the bad food delivery bill

Data Security + EV Chargers. Meet the Flaw.

  • August 6, 2021

What’s happening? This week is was revealed that some EV chargers have a flaw that make them vulnerable to hackers.

Why is this important? The security firm that identified the flaw says the flaw could have been exploited by a “malicious hacker to hijack user accounts, impede charging and even turn one of the chargers into a “backdoor” into the owner’s home network.”

How will this be important? It begs the question about protection for the good hackers who identify these problems. It also illuminates flaws in data security requirements for the internet of things- including EV charging stations.

Tech Crunch | Security flaws found in popular EV chargers

No Punitive Damages. Data Breach Suit Legislation.

  • August 6, 2021

What’s happening? You know those states we’ve talked about that are providing liability protections for businesses that up their data security standards. The OH, UT, and CTs of the U.S.? Well, CT also removed the option of punitive damages. I’m pretty sure at least OH did too.

Why is this important? More data breaches, more ransom ware, the more potential for litigation. The more litigation, the more businesses asking for liability protection legislation.

How will this be important? 3 of 50 states have acted on this…. How many states do you know that like art reform legislation like this…

National Law Review | Connecticut Does Away With Punitive Damages in Certain Data Breach Litigations

Federal Infrastructure Bill Funds State & Local Cybersecurity.

  • August 6, 2021

What’s happening? The federal infrastructure bill has $1billion for state and local cybersecurity. It can be appropriated like this:

  • 80% of funds must be sent to local entities by the state
  • 25% reserved for rural areas
  • There is also a $250 million grant program for rural and municipal utilities
  • Both grant programs require a cybersecurity plan be submitted to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for review.

Why is this important? “State and local governments need more resources to prevent cyberattacks that can devastate their ability to carry out day-to-day functions that citizens rely on, from protecting school data to keeping utilities up and running,” – U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan

How will this be important? We have states passing laws prohibiting ransoms from being paid when local governmental systems have been locked by ransomware. Cybersecurity is an ongoing funding item.

Route Fifty | Infrastructure Bill Includes $1B for State and Local Cybersecurity

1st State to Prohibit Facial Recognition Software

  • July 30, 2021

What’s happening? This year Maine became the 1st state in the nation to ban the use of facial recognition software.

Why is this important? Bans of facial recognition software up until then had been highly local and limited to county or city government bans.

How will this be important? Maine is talking about it in terms of civil liberties and personal privacy.


The Person Who Helped Pass 24 Crypto Friendly Bills in WY

  • July 30, 2021

What’s happening? Fortune is profiling Caitlin Long who has helped pass 24 crypto friendly bills to make WY the wild Wild West of BlockChain.

Why is this important? She is  CEO of “crypto bank” startup Avanti Financial Group

How will this be important? WY is setting itself up to have the first crypto bank

Fortune | How Caitlin Long turned Wyoming into crypto country

The political clique of Crypto currency

  • July 29, 2021

What’s happening? The Freedom Fest which use to be in Las Vegas, and for 2021 is in South Dakota, because it has the fewest COVID restrictions is lumping together 2nd amendment advocates, rights for sex workers and crypto currency supporters. They describe themselves as trending libertarian.

Why is this important? Crypto currency policy is so new, this could be part of a road map to figure out who your allies are.

How will this be important? Tracking the similar supporting causes helps you understand the playing field.

SDPB | ‘Freedom Fest’ Brings Thousands To Black Hills

State Legislation Trend: Ban cities from paying ransomware

  • July 29, 2021

What’s happening? States like NY, NC, TX & PA are considering legislation to prohibit state governmental entities and local governmental entities from paying ransoms to ransomware

Why is this important? Ransomware attacks are increasingly common and how their handled varies. By removing the ability to pay, the policy logic is the state also removes the likelihood of attack. If these measures succeed, then are businesses more likely to be attacked? Do we see the next round of legislation that prohibits businesses from paying a ransom?

How will this be important? Some hackers may hack for the ransom and some may hack for the disruption. Forcing a city or state to rebuild their systems can be costly and time consuming.

Route Fifty | States Weigh Bans on Ransomware Payoffs

Wine & Blockchain & NFTs

  • July 22, 2021

What’s happening? Georgia, the country, is placing some its wine production on blockchain allowing investors and enthusiasts to track provenance and buy and sell associated non-fungible tokens 

Why is this important? First, NFTs are new, hot items. Secondly, the blockchain tracking of Provence will improve the reputation of Georgian wines and will be tied to its wine’s quality-assurance standard

How will this be important? The legislation beings together the wine industry, blockchain technology companies and customers.

NASDAQ | Georgia to Put Its Wine on the Blockchain

Following New Rules on Transferring Crypto Currency

  • July 22, 2021

What’s happening? The EU is adopting new rules requiring those who send and receive cryptocurrency to track senders and recipients

Why is this important? to keep track of dirty money transactions, which is largely the same rules that exist for wire transfers

How will this be important? These new rules can track down money launders and those who finance terrorism

Thompson Reuters | EU to tighten rules on cryptoasset transfers

State Cyber Incentives for Businesses

  • July 22, 2021

What is happening? CT is starting an incentive program for businesses to adopt cyber security measures. HB 6607 (2021 | CT)

Why is this important? The goal is to “reward companies for creating and maintaining a written cybersecurity program with administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect both personal information and the businesses’ confidential data.”

How will this be important? Companies will receive liability protection just like OH and UT.

MSSP | Connecticut offers incentives to businesses, MSSPs to install cybersecurity controls

2021 The Spring of Blockchain Legislation

  • July 22, 2021

What’s happening?

  • 21 states considered blockchain legislation
  • Miami considered paying its workers in cryptocurrency
  • Miami considered receiving tax payments in cryptocurrency
  • SF 38 (2021 | WY) in Wyoming made WY the first state to recognize decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)
    • Fun fact: WY was the first state to recognize the LLC in the 1970s

Why is this important? Other states are going to start recognizing DAOs

How will this be important?

  • There’s an argument that storing information on blockchain’s distributed ledger is safer from hackers.
  • In 2019 Colorado passed SB 19-023 (2019-CO) that exempts some digital assets from state securities regulations

Governing | Mountain West Extends Blockchain’s Digital Frontier

Cyber Insurance & ransomware

  • July 16, 2021

What’s happening? last year there was a 400% increase in ransomware. Cyber Insurance payouts top 70% of break even.

Why is this important? This means it is no longer not cheaper to not pay the criminals. Now the insurers pay the criminals.

How will this be important? Commerical premiums jumped 39% in March 2021. This is an intersection of a lot of funds and hackers.

AP | In crosshairs of ransomware crooks, cyber insurers struggle

Coca Cola Adds Data Privacy Chief Officer

  • July 16, 2021

What’s happening? Coca Cola has added Chief privacy officer to “define global privacy and legal personal data strategy.” The new privacy officer is also a she according to the link.

Why is this important? It wasn’t that long ago we started seeing Information officers and then Sustainability officers, and now Let’s welcome Data Privacy officers.

How will this be important? Coca Cola won’t be the first.

Bloomberg Law | Coca-Cola Adds Privacy Chief in Reshuffling Under New Top Lawyer

CO Data Privacy Rights

  • July 15, 2021

What’s happening? Colorado Governor signed SB 21-190 (2021 | CO) requiring companies to disclose how they use data; and giving Coloradans  the right to opt out of data collection; “access, correct or delete” the data, or obtain a portable copy of the collected information

Why is this important? Colorados enforcement mechanism is to apply the Deceptive Trade Practices Act for enforcement.

How will this be important? Colorado is the 4th state to give its residents a Right to Privacy in their Data. 46 more states to approach the issue.

Route Fifty | Colorado Becomes Fourth State to Give Residents Control of Their Online Data

OHIO Data Privacy Rights.

  • July 15, 2021

What’s happening? Ohio Republicans are proposing data privacy rights that would allow Ohioans to have the ability to have personal data deleted and request that it not be sold. Businesses would “adhere to specified data standards” & the Ohio Attorney General would have exclusive authority to enforce it. No “private right of action would exist”

Why is this important? Ohio lays out best practices for businesses.

How will it be important? The number of data breaches is only increasing.

Governing | Ohio to Create Data Rights as Breaches Set to Break Records

Banning Biometrics in Public Housing

  • July 9, 2021

What’s happening? Congress is considering No Biometric Barriers to Housing Act of 2021  that would ban biometric technology in most federally funded public housing

Why is this important? Lawmakers aren’t only in treated in the use of biometric software but also the rational behind using the software in the first place.

How will this be important? They say privacy protecting legislation is gaining steam in Congress.

NextGov | Bill Would Ban Facial Recognition in Public Housing

Tech + Lobbying + Surveillance

  • July 9, 2021

What’s happening? In 2013 8 tech companies formed Reform Government Surveillance to lobby for surveillance reforms by opposing the “dragnet collection of Americans’ private data”

Why is this important? we’re talking about Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter, Yahoo and AOL, Amazon, Dropbox, Evernote, Snap and Zoom

How will this be important? A lobbying firm that runs the coalition decided that Evernote wasn’t active enough, so they removed its logo. The company says it’s still a member. This is a cautionary tale that tech companies, and tech media will notice tech changes.

Tech Crunch | Evernote quietly disappeared from an anti-surveillance lobbying group’s website

Cryptocurrency and Credit Cards. The Data.

  • July 9, 2021

What’s happening? Visa says for the 1st 6 months of 2021 crypto linked credit card transactions topped $1 billion.

Why is this important? In 2019 transactions were more like a blip.

How will this be important? 70 million merchants world wide are accepting cryptocurrency based credit cards

CNBC | Visa says crypto-linked card usage tops $1 billion in first half of 2021

Who should own personal financial data?

  • July 9, 2021

What’s happening? Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is moving toward rule making to strengthen consumer access to their financial data.

Why is this important? Sometimes you need to share your financial information, to use things like Quicken’s automatic features or auto payments.

How will this be important? Big banks and big financial companies want to control personal financial data. It’s the new forefront of privacy rights.

The Hill | Consumers — not banks — should control access to personal financial data

+1 City bans Facial Recognition Software

  • July 1, 2021

What’s happening? Baltimore City Council is moving forward an ordinance to ban facial recognition software. 

Why is this important? The City wants to study whether the software infringes on the privacy of its citizens. The City is fresh off a program that used a crime fighting “spy plane” that captured private citizen behavior. 

How will this be important? Supporters say that the software misidentifies people of color.

Route Fifty |  Baltimore Latest City to Consider Banning Facial Recognition Technology

Right to Be Forgotten

  • June 25, 2021

What’s happening? Legislation to allow parents and kids to petition tech companies to remove posts to ensure “A Right to be Forgotten”

Why is this important? It allows the ramblings of a 17 year old to not be used against the 35 year old version of themselves by their employer

How will this be important? We’ve all heard the refrain “Cancel Culture” how far back does that go? Should the internet be able to forget your ill timed and inappropriate posts?


National Republican Congressional Committee + Cryptocurrency

  • June 24, 2021

What’s happening? National Republican Congressional Committee has announced it will accept cryptocurrency as campaign contributions

Why is this important? They’ve agreed to use a payment service– BitPay the crypto will be converted to cash. The cash will be deposited thereby circumventing the Federal Election Commission’s $100 cap on cryptocurrency.

How will this be important? As if, the FEC loophole isn’t enough. But, we’ll also see more states open to crypto for campaign contributions.

The Hill | Republican House campaign arm says it will begin soliciting cryptocurrency donations

HB3968 Digital Custodial Trust

  • June 24, 2021

What’s happening? Illinois is considering HB 3968 (2021 | IL) that would create a special purpose depository trust for digital assets.

Why is this important? Because digital assets reside in packets scattered across multiple platforms, what custodial obligations the custodians have is unclear.

How will this be important? Custody of digital assets will be important as digital assets are increasingly welcome as payment methods.

Chicago Tribune via Governing | Illinois Could Become New Hub of the Cryptocurrency Industry

Legislation Limits Public BroadBand Operators

  • June 24, 2021

What’s happening? An amendment in Ohio would prohibit public broadband operators from providing service as long as there was a private-sector company operating in the area.

Why is this important? The limited exception for public or municipal broadband would be to only unserved area & those without access to download speeds of at least 10 mbps

How will this be important? COVID highlighting the need to improve access to broadband. There’s funding flowing to these projects and that funding has not been distributed.

Ars Technika | Ohio Republicans close to imposing near-total ban on municipal broadband

3rd State Passes Consumer Data Privacy Protections with Opt Out

  • June 17, 2021

What’s happening? California, Virginia and now Colorado have passed consumer data privacy bills. SB21-190 (2021- CO)

Why is this important? There are 17 exceptions to the Colorado bill that paint the path forward for other states. The exceptions include airlines, national securities association, public utilities, higher education, financial institutions…

How will this be important?  3 of 50 and protecting consumer data is only catching more people’s attention.

Colorado Sun | Colorado is the third state to pass a consumer-data privacy bill. Now what?

Shame, Shame, Shame….State Said to be Shaming Data Breaches

  • June 17, 2021

What’s happening? First, Cersi Lanister has to take the walk of shame on Game of Thrones, and now it’s data breaches.  Texas passed HB3746 (2021 | TX) that requires a public data base listing data breaches if more than 250 people are impacted.

Why is this important? Policy makers loves databases. Let’s see who the bad actors are because we don’t love a redemption story in America? It confuses my foreign born brain.

How will this be important? In future policy negotiations will businesses ask for limited liability protections in exchange for data breach public shaming walls? 

Reuters | Texas amends law requiring state AG to publicly post data breach notifications

Bitcoin ATMs coming to a city near you

  • June 17, 2021

What’s happening? Cities are seeing bitcoin ATMs emerge. A landlord in Los Angeles permits bitcoin as rent payment.  In total, there are 18,000 bitcoin ATMs across the U.S.

Why is this important?  Los Angeles has more bitcoin ATMs than any other city at more than 1000. After L.A., it is Chicago with  600. 

How will this be important? Tech hubs like San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Austin, TX and the triangle in North Carolina  did not crack the top 10.

Governing | Which Cities Have the Most Bitcoin ATMs?

+1 City bans Facial Recognition Software

  • June 17, 2021

What’s happening? Baltimore City Council is moving forward an ordinance to ban facial recognition software. 

Why is this important? The City wants to study whether the software infringes on the privacy of its citizens. The City is fresh off a program that used a crime fighting “spy plane” that captured private citizen behavior. 

How will this be important? Supporters say that the software misidentifies people of color.

Route Fifty |  Baltimore Latest City to Consider Banning Facial Recognition Technology

COVID Caused States to Adopt More Data Security Protections

  • June 11, 2021

What’s happening? 75% of states say COVID had an impact on their remote access security, and about 50% of those said they expanded their existing data loss protection technology. 27% of states acquired new security tools

Why is this important? Security and broadband access are going hand in hand. 39% of states say their internet bandwidth was sufficient and 34% say there was minimal effort to adjust their bandwidth. 76% say increased remote work will continue.

How will this be important? The most popular method to approach security during the pandemics were : 58% increased training & 74% increased identity management and multi-factor authentication.

Route Fifty | States Bolster Data Security Technology in Response to Covid-19, Survey Finds

3 States Block Police from Accessing Genealogy Sites

  • June 10, 2021

What’s happening? Maryland, Montana and Utah limit what police can access through genealogy websites.

Why is this important? These are the only 3 states that limit access to genealogical information.

How will this be important? The question is where is the lim it. For these 3 states the limit seem tone that police can use the genealogical information but only in this instance: “only for serious violent crimes such as murder and rape, only after they exhaust other investigatory methods, and only under the supervision of a judge”

Baltimore Sun via Governing | Maryland Limits Police Access to Genealogy Website Data

Crypto Currency Storage in Texas

  • June 10, 2021

What’s happening? On Thursday June 10, 2021 the Texas Department of Banking issued an industry notice “that Texas state-chartered banks may provide customers with virtual currency custody services, so long as the bank has adequate protocols in place to effectively manage the risks and comply with applicable law.”

Why is this important? Custody of virtual currency is growing practical and policy issue. Especially securing storage when servers go offline.

How will this be important? We have to think that the state regulatory action begets statutory changes in Texas and in other states.

Dallas Morning News | Cryptocurrency wins votes of confidence from Gov. Abbott, Texas Department of Banking

Texas Department of Banking Industry Notice on Cryptocurrency Custody

COVID Vaccines + Data Privacy in California

  • June 10, 2021

What’s happening? Everyone in California who has received a dose of vaccine has had their information entered into a state database. Medical patient data is being shared across third-party digital platforms

Why is this important? Emergency waivers during the pandemic may have eased data privacy laws.

How will this be important? The legal minds are concerned about what happens to our medical data when a private company, say an airline, asks for our vaccine card, uploads it in exchange for certain improved services. How is that information protected in the hands of the private third party that is not in the health care business.

Mercury News via Governing | California Vaccination Records Raise Data Privacy Concerns

State Passes Twitter Bill = Lawsuit by Big Tech & friends

  • June 4, 2021

What’s happening? Florida Governor signed its bill prohibiting Twitter and other social media platforms from banning elected officials and candidates. As every action has an equal and opposite reaction, Florida was sued.

Why is this important?  Netchoiceand the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) filed suit. Their members include Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, and eBay. They say that the law violates the 1st Amendment (free speech) 14th amendment (Due Process), the Commerce Clause and is preempted by the federal Communications Decency Act.

How will this be important? Know any constitutionally gifted litigators because Florida isn’t the only state making this move….

Ars Technika | Big Tech sues Florida, saying social media law violates First Amendment

Data Breaches. Stronger Notification Rules for State Agencies.

  • June 3, 2021

What’s happening? Pennsylvania is considering legislation that was amended with more stringent notification requirements for state and local governmental entities, including school districts. These entities will have to notify affected individuals within  seven days of discovery and notify the state’s Attorney General within 3 business days, or notify the DA’s office within three days if the breach occurs on the county level.

Why is this important? State and local governmental entities hold a lot of personal information and often may not have the most up to date equipment and software.

How will this be important? This bifurcated notification system is replicable.

KDKA | Pennsylvania Senate Committee Approves Bill Updating Notification Process For Data Breaches

Oregon. Protect All from DOXXING

  • June 3, 2021

What’s happening? Oregon is considering HB 3047 (2021 |OR) that would create a civil cause of action for doxxing any person in Oregon. Doxxing is releasing a person’s personal information with an intent to harass the person.

Why is this important? Doxxing statutes are growing in popularity and growing in specificity. Some only apply to certain professions like law enforcement.

How will this be important? We’re just learning new online bad acts, and sometimes those bills can be hijacked by Open Records and disclosure amendments. Be aware.

Oregon Live | Amendment to anti-doxxing bill would block release of some public employee info

State Lege: No Doxing Law Enforcement

  • June 3, 2021

What’s happening? Oklahoma Governor signed HB 1643 (2021 | OK) that makes doxxing law enforcement illegal.

Why is this important? Doxxing is entering the lexicon. Doxxing is when a person ” publish or post anything online that could include personally identifying information about a police officer if their intent is to threaten, harass or stalk them. In some cases, this could even include a picture of an officer wearing a name page.”

How will this be important? Doxxing laws a spreading throughout the U.S. applying broadly or only to certain professions. Write your doxxing laws now.

KOKO News 5 | Stitt signs bill preventing Oklahoma law enforcement officers from being doxxed

Holding Tech Companies Accountable for Disinformation

  • May 28, 2021

What’s happening? The European Commission wants tech companies to block accounts sharing disinformation and ban those that regularly post debunked content

Why is this important? In 2018 the big tech companies and the EU signed the its Code of Practice on Disinformation, a voluntary pact signed by the world’s largest social media companies to stop the spread of disinformation

How will this be important? If tech trends, like protecting data privacy begin in Europe, this stands. good chance of jumping the policy pond to the States.

NPR | Europe Wants Social Media Giants To Do More To Stop Disinformation

Meet the New Kid, post-COVID

  • May 27, 2021

What’s happening? The  NewDEAL Forum created its Broadband Task Force to identify obstacles to broadband access

Why is this important? Investment in broadband is an investment in the future of a state. States are funding, mapping broadband access, and working to build out broadband access to their most rural areas.

How will this be important? Broadband access isn’t a partisan issue.

Route Fifty | State and Local Leaders Form New Group to Tackle Broadband Gaps

Florida’s 30 Day Time Out Twitter Bill

  • May 27, 2021

What’s happening? Florida Governor signed its version of the “twitter bill” that prohibits immediately suspending a social media account, providing 30 day grace period. If no 30 day warning period is given, fines can be $250,000 for statewide candidates and $25,000 for other candidates.

Why is this important? Florida has a new resident who is a former President who was removed from social media platforms.

How will this be important? The role of social media and its role in relation to the 1st amendment is at its nascent for legislators and regulators.

Miami Herald via Governing | Florida Law Stops Big Tech from Banning Political Candidates

COVID. Anatomy of OH’s $20M Broadband Project

  • May 27, 2021

What’s happening? OH Legislature passed HB 2 (2021 | OH) that created Ohio Residential Broadband Expansion Grant Program.

Why is this important? COVID revealed that nearly 1 million Ohioans lack access to reliable high-speed internet service

How will this be important? The grant program sets aside $20 million, and an additional $190 million is anticipated through other funding strategies.

Governing | Ohio Approves $20 Million for Broadband Expansion

Texas BlockChain Council Grows

  • May 21, 2021

What’s happening? Compass Mining,  the world’s first online marketplace for Bitcoin mining hardware and hosting, is joining Texas BlockChain Council.

Why is this important? Compass Mining wants in on the action of education legislators

How will this be important? They smell fresh meat and the fresh meat is the Texas Legislature

Accesswire | Compass Joins the Texas Blockchain Council as a New Member

Ransomware and Law Enforcement

  • May 21, 2021

What’s happening? Hackers obtained law enforcement details and data for DC law enforcement officials. When negotiations broke down, the data and officer information was released.

Why is this important? In practical terms, release of specific law enforcement information could impact prosecutions and courts.

How will this be important? This is just the beginning

CNN | Ransomware group says it released ‘full data’ on DC police department

Sports Betting Bills + Data Security

  • May 20, 2021

What’s happening? Florida has 18 different sports betting bills floating around its Legislature. None have data security provisions. And, if like Florida your state has tribal gaming, the Compact allow the tribes to set data security standards.

Why is this important? Does the sports betting law or legislation in your state include a data security standard?

How will this be important? Once hackers take control over betting data it will be too late.

Miami Herald via Governing | Florida’s Sports Betting Laws Don’t Include Data Protections

Real Time Cell Phone Tracking Legislation

  • May 20, 2021

What’s happening? North Carolina Legislature approved an exception to warrant process to allow law enforcement to track cell phone data in real time if there is risk of death or serious body harm.

Why is this important? It is these types of constitutional issues where Libertarian leaning Republicans and ACLU agree. Because of that, oversight was added to the bill which the republican author purportedly refused initially.

How will this be important? Legislating around constitutional warrant requirements gets tricky when humans are involved. They want to push it further and take more, and then Legislatures pull back their laws. Before the retraction, other states will jump on the bandwagon.

News & Observer via Governing | N.C. Lawmakers Approve Police Tracking of Cell Phone Data

Legislation to End BitCoin Mining

  • May 14, 2021

What’s happening? New York Legislature is considering S6486 (2021 | NY) that would prohibit bitcoin mining because of the environmental concerns.

Why is this important? NY will take 3 years to study the environmental impact. The industry says “A single cryptocurrency transaction uses the same amount of energy that an average American household uses in one month, with an estimated level of global energy usage equivalent to that of the country of Sweden.”

How will this be important? Bitcoin mining takes a lot of electricity. Some companies make arrangements with renewables or to mine at non peak hours. Some companies opt for very cold climates to minimize electric impact.


Ransomware and the Pipeline

  • May 14, 2021

What’s happening? Ransomware hackers took over the Colonial Pipeline which led to gas station shortages in the Southeast

Why is this important? The pipeline owner paid $5 million in ransom to get gas flowing again. The lingering question is whether by paying the ransomware will other bad actors feel empowered?

How will this be important? Not the first, won’t be the last.

NY Times | Colonial Pipeline Paid Roughly $5 Million in Ransom to Hackers

National Cyber Security Guard

  • May 14, 2021

What’s happening? “The National Guard Cybersecurity Support Act would give governors the power to deploy on their own, and allow states to quickly respond to cybersecurity threats against government programs and information systems.”

Why is this important? If you were watching the live stream of the Texas House of Representatives this week when it and other state agency websites went down, you might be read this.

How will this be important? Hackers took control of a pipeline this week and disrupted the gas market. This is just beginning.

Meri Talk | House Bill Would Allow Governors to Deploy National Guard for Cyber Threats

Electric Vehicle Batteries + Blockchain

  • May 14, 2021

What’s happening? Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. is developing technology that will limit the need for repairs in EV batteries

Why is this important? Imagine a world with remote diagnostics and repairs

How will this be important? Open any paper and see the stats of the growth of EVs and the predicted future growth

Yahoo Finance | EV Battery Tech Developing Industry’s First Blockchain Solution for Real Time Battery Repair & Maintenance

Wyoming 2019 Bitcoin Legislation Leading to special purpose depository institutions

  • May 7, 2021

What’s happening? it’s a mouthful… In 2019 Wyoming passed a law to make bitcoin mining and blockchain a sort of safe haven in Wyoming, seeking to lure business to Wyoming.

Why is this important? This week the Federal Reserve announced it was opening up comment period for “Account Access Guidelines for the Reserve Banks” which would lead to Wyoming-chartered special purpose depository institutions ….bitcoin banks!

How will this be important? Wyoming was just the first, other states are following. Look to AZ which has been dabbling in finch sandboxes and UT too.

Wyoming News Now | Governor Gordon, Senator Lummis Continue to Lead Wyoming’s Rise in Digital Realm.

How to Kill a Data Security Bill

  • May 7, 2021

What’s happening? Florida was poised to pass a data security bill that put consumers in control of the use of their data, a a manner similar to California’s landmark legislation. The bill was a priority of the Speaker of the House and was in conference committee.

Why is this important? Florida’s largest companies hired 343 lobbyists.

How will this be important? The key talking point for both sides was whether Floridians should be in charge of their own data. Republicans supported protecting their own data, not allowing companies to make money off their data without consent, and a private cause of action to enforce violations.

Security Info Watch | Florida lawmakers reject data privacy bill

Governing | Florida Bill Would Allow Consumers to Sue Over Data Privacy

Blockchain meets Oil & Gas

  • May 7, 2021

What’s happening? A groundbreaking new solution to gas flaring and monetization of stranded natural gas with the help of Bitcoin mining.

Why is this important? The energy use of bitcoin mining, which is enormous can offset flareups

How will this be important? Flareups are a constant regulatory and legislative creature and bitcoin mining offers a solution.

Cision | EZ Blockchain works with oil and gas service provider to solve a stranded natural gas problem with crypto mining as a solution.

COVID Economic Recovery: Governor To Allow Tech Companies to Form Cities

  • May 6, 2021

What’s happening? Nevada Governor proposes allowing tech companies to form local governments to spur economic recovery and diversify the economy. These “innovation zones”

Why is this important? The proposal would allow “emerging technologies—like blockchain, autonomous vehicles or artificial intelligence—to develop autonomous districts.” To get there, the company will have to own at least 50,000 acres of land and invest at least $1.25 billion over 10 years. Over time, the tech company would take over government roles like tax collection, education, & law enforcement.

How will this be important? A Democrat Governor proposal in a. western independent state- that’s the ingredients for a repeat recipe.

Route Fifty | Nevada Plan to Let Tech Firms Form Local Governments is Scaled Back

FL Tackles Data Privacy like CA

  • April 30, 2021

What is happening? Florida is considering HB969 (2021 | FL) that will share attributes with the California Data Privacy law by allowing for causes of action by consumers and gives consumers more power over their personal data.

Why is this important? Florida is doing something California did. That’s like my cat following my dog around, not happening and yet it did.

How will this be important? As states and companies call for greater control over personal data, even so far as granting property rights to data, these laws are evolving t a fast pace.

national law review | Florida Moves Forward a Revised Consumer Privacy Bill

+2 States Add Model Data Security Legislation

  • April 30, 2021

What’s happening? Add Maine and North Dakota to the states that have adopted the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) data security model law. They’re up to 13 states, like the original 13 colonies but different. These 13 require insurers, insurance agents and other entities licensed by the state department of insurance to have comprehensive data security plans.

Why is this important? Not only are insurance policies for cyber incidents increasing in number and value, but so is a requirement that the insurance side of the equation has appropriately sized data security plans for the information that they maintain.

How will this be important? 13 of 50, this model law is only a couple yers old, it take time for it to spread to more states, but based on previous model laws, the spread is inevitable.

National Law Review | Two Other States Adopt Model Data Security Law for Insurance Industry

Data Transparency to Build Public Trust

  • April 29, 2021

What is happening? Baltimore is creating more government transparency by giving the public access to action trackers to give insight into how projects are coming along. In 2016, when the current mayor served on city council, he passed an ordinance that created a city open data policy.

Why is this important? It is a trust building exercise for local governments and their constituents

How will this be important? It is a perennial question- do people trust the government.

Governing | Baltimore to Use Data Transparency to Gain Public Trust

Tires, Oil and Cryptocurrency

  • April 29, 2021

What’s happening? Franklinton, NC is looking to recycle used tires to convert them into oil to power cryptocurrency mining. Product Recovery Technology International is using thermal demanufacturing

Why is this important? The energy generated in Franklinton ultimately could be harnessed for the town

How will this be important? As non-Arctic Circle locations work to recruit bitcoin companies, figuring out how to power mining will be crucial

News & Observer Governing | North Carolina Town to Use Old Tires to Mine Cryptocurrency

Ending Law Enforcement Purchase of Data

  • April 23, 2021

What is happening?  Fourth Amendment is Not for Sale Act by Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Rand Paul (R-KY) would prohibit from buying information from data brokers. This bill would require them to have a court order.

Why is this important? Are there conversations in your city or state about whether your law enforcement officers are buying personal data from data brokers?

How will this be important? In the new economy, or the post pandemic world, how law enforcement operates is getting a closer scrutiny. Especially when it comes to use of technology and data. Add data brokers to facial recognition software as go-to legislation.

Tech Crunch | New privacy bill would end law enforcement practice of buying data from brokers

+2 Pension Systems Buy Into Blockchain

  • April 23, 2021

What is happening? Fairfax County Employees’ Retirement System and Fairfax County Police Officers Retirement System are the first known to commit to a dedicated fund that invests primarily in blockchain technology firms

Why is this important? Specialized investment awareness is growing. Whether it is pension contributors who want to select climate change issues or general ESGs, or pension systems that want to divest from fossil fuels.

How will this be important? More pension systems are claiming their identities and VA is home to the first on the blockchain train.

Pensions & Investments | Two Virginia pension funds warm up to blockchain technology investments

NY’s Internet Law. $15 Monthly Internet Access.

  • April 22, 2021

What is happening? Governor Cuomo signed the NY state budget which included a provision for $15/mo internet access for low income families in NY. Heralded as the 1st state in the US to offer internet access to all affordably..

Why is this important? COVID highlighted the need for better and more inclusive broadband access.

How will this be important? Broad support for $15 internet access includes AARP and many opponents of Governor Cuomo. Plus, some companies, like Spectrum, offer low cost internet. Everyone is on board. We will see more of these programs ASAP.

Times Union via Governing | New York Orders $15-Per-Month Internet for Low-Income Homes

Data Privacy Legislation. Consumer Cause of Action Against Big Business in a Red State.

  • April 22, 2021

What’s happening? HB 971 (2021 | FL) would allow a consumer, whose personal information has been breached in a data breach, to file a cause of action against a large company who held the data that was breached. A large company is defined as more than $50M in revenue. and collect data from more than 50,000 Floridians.

Why is this important? California and Virginia have passed similar legislation. Momentum for consumers to have more control over their personal data is increasing.

How will this be important? More states are expected to give their residents greater control and provide a path to bring a lawsuit concerning their personal data.

Governing | Florida Bill Would Allow Consumers to Sue Over Data Privacy

Sneak Peek at Iowa’s Blockchain Legislation

  • April 16, 2021

What’s happening? Iowa is considering SF 541 (2021 | IA) that would adopt smart contract rules for blockchain, distributed ledger technology, and give legal recognition to electronic records, signatures, and contracts

Why is this important? Wyoming started this trend not so long ago and more states are jumping on the bandwagon.

How will this be important? Other states including Texas HB 4474 (2021 | TX ) are considering blockchain legislation

Decrypt | Iowa Lawmakers Pass Blockchain-Friendly Legislation

Check out Utah’s Data Breach Safe Harbor Provisions

  • April 16, 2021

What’s happening? UT is second state after OH to provide a defense from liability for businesses.

Why is this important? UT followed in OH’s footsteps in making sure the data security protections that the business had in place met federal standards and was appropriate for the scale of the business.

How will this be important? More states will adopt protections for businesses that exercise prudent data security measures.

JD Supra | Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP | Utah Creates Data Breach Safe Harbor

Florida is expanding its Cyber Security Agency

  • April 16, 2021

What’s happening? Florida is considering HB 1297 (2021 | FL) that will create a Florida Cybersecurity Advisory Council to coordinate communication between law enforcement, the council and the state’s chief information security officer’s office.

Why is this important? The state had created data security protocols, established training, and created the Florida Digital Service that is responsible for maintaining state data, setting up testing environments to test state software and facilitating data sharing between government agencies.

How will this be important? Not only is this coordinated effort with law enforcement a model to replicate, it also sets a framework for forensic cyber investigations.

Government Technology | Cybersecurity Could Get $31M Infusion from Florida

Meet the Bitcoin that Choose Austin, TX for its Headquarters

  • April 16, 2021

What’s happening? Blockcap Inc., one of the largest bitcoin mining and blockchain technology companies based in the United States opened its Austin headquarters.

Why is this important? Blockcap wants to make the US a central global player for digital asset mining and blockchain technology more broadly.

How will this be important? Blockcap’s mining capacity ti set to double and it has raised more than $75 million in the last year.


Red State Follows Blue State for Data Protection Legislation.

  • April 8, 2021

What’s happening? Florida is adopting a new Data Privacy law modeled after California’s data privacy law. The goal in Florida, like in California, is to put Floridians in control of their data privacy. It has bipartisan support in the Legislature.

Why is this important? Businesses that make money from selling consumer data. To bring business on board, the bill author removed the provision that allowed consumers to sue businesses.

How will this be important? Apple supports rights for your data, so you are in control of your data. Property rights advocates generally like it too. The supporters are diverse and that makes the issue interesting to watch.

Government Technology | Florida’s New Data Privacy Law Nets Bipartisan Support

1st State with Vaccine Passport

  • April 8, 2021

What’s happening? New York engaged IBM to develop its 1st in the nation vaccine passport.

Why is this important? When we hear passport we think paper passport, and yet, we’d be wrong. The passport is a simple digital wallet that can be accessed on mobile devices, which holds three items: your name, a QR code and a green check mark.

How will this be important? The passport isn’t just for travel but could be used for entry to large events. And the dat his distributed (hello blockchain, we see you!) so the passports do not create a large database as the information is scattered.

Government Technology | Vaccine Passports: Here’s How Excelsior Pass Works

Vaccine Passports & Technology

  • April 8, 2021

What’s happening? Hawaii is proposing a vaccine passport for entry.

Why is this important?The technology options for a vaccine passport are : CommonPass and CLEAR. The technology will take about 4 weeks to get up and running.

How will this be important? First Hawaii and then Texas says no. How says Florida?

Honolulu Star Advertiser | Hawaii’s Vaccine Passports Will Have to Wait Another Month

AP | Texas governor bans mandated COVID-19 ‘vaccine passports’

Criminal Punishments Including Internet Bans

  • April 8, 2021

What’s happening? Some of the insurgents at the U.S. Capitol have been facing trials and pretrial conditions include prohibitions from accessing the internet.

Why is this important? It’s pretty new and novel for these types of crimes to prohibit access to the internet for the defendant. The courts are here to be truth police thereby addressing toxic disinformation.

How will this be important? IN 2017 the US Supreme Court struck a NC law that had an internet ban for convicted sex offenders. The Highest Court through out a protective order prohibiting internet access for a man.

Los Angeles Times via Governing | Judges Are Banning Capitol Rioters from the Internet

Blockchain + Sports Management

  • March 25, 2021

What’s happening? The stars are aligning. Innovations in technology point to blockchain impacting these aspects of sports management:

  • reduce scalping with blockchain by tracking & displaying ticket authenticity
  • protect your performance data
  • fantasy sports platforms use blockchain for betting and protecting data
  • fan incentives with blockchain token awards for fans
  • broadcasting and the business contracts behind it

Why is this important? In the most basic sense, block chain takes information breaks it into different bundles and moves the information separately to come together when you access the information, which makes the whole of the information untouchable by others

How will this be important? Blockchain technology is being used for contracts regularly and is poised to keep growing in import.


Broadband Access Form via the FCC

  • March 25, 2021

What’s happening? The FCC wants you to fill out this form and talk bout your access to broadband which will likely bring many colorful comments about internet service providers.

Why is this important? Cities and states are working on broadband improvements too, so look for more ways to complain about your ISP on government surveys.

How will this be important? The COVID relief bills include $7 Billion for the FCC to help schools and libraries with broadband access.

Route Fifty | The FCC Wants Your Feedback to Improve Broadband Access

Legislation to Block Phone Content

  • March 25, 2021

What’s happening? Utah is considering HB 72 (2021 | UT) which will block porn in smart phones.

Why is this important? Last I checked in the US Supreme Court on pornography, the 1st Amendment covers it. So, what’s their goal? a porn filter requirement to protect minors. Because just like no kid ever snuck out of their house, no kid has ever figured out their way around parental controls…

How will this be important? the bill has a clause that says it will only be effective if 5 other states do it too. Yes, Legislative Peer Pressure has arrived in 2021. Check the fringes for using this tactic on other bills.

Route Fifty | Utah Poised to Block Porn on Smartphones

Broadband Procurement in WI. $44M+

  • March 25, 2021

What’s happening? Since 2019, WI has been expending state funds to expand the state broadband network. The numbers:

  • $28.4 million already awarded
  • 39 counties
  • $48 million in second round funding
  • 58 projects to reach 6,159 businesses and 106,000 homes

Why is this important? States and cities are all looking to expand broadband access and there’s a lot of COVID funding available.

How will this be important? This ongoing project with ongoing funding is going to be an extended procurement opportunity

Wisconsin State Journal | PSC awards $28.4 million to expand high-speed internet in 39 counties

OK Legislation to Ban Ransomware

  • March 25, 2021

What’s happening? Oklahoma is considering HB 1759 (2021 | OK) that adds ransomware to prohibited computer related crimes

Why is this important? For enforcement purposes the question is whether your jurisdiction has laws that cover the kind of cyber crime which has led to states including ransomware in their cyber crimes statutes

How will this be important? The FBI has seen an increase in cybercrime reports of 400% since March 2020

The Oklahoman via Governing | Oklahoma Votes to Outlaw Ransomware as Threats Grow

Consistency in Data Privacy

  • March 19, 2021

What’s happening? Apple will follow the same rules its developers must to label apps with privacy labels.

Why is this important? It is said Apple doesn’t police the developer disclosures. And, perhaps we’ll get to that point within the private business or via regulatory or legislative means.

How will this be important? Data privacy on a big tech level from ad- sales to user policies is front and center for legislation and legal challenges. It’s not going anywhere.

Computer World | Apple lives by its own privacy rules

Florida Moves Its Twitter Ban Bill

  • March 18, 2021

What’s happening? HB7013 (2021 | FL) would allow Florida to prevent social media platforms from banning candidates for office. State and local governments would also be banned from doing business with any company in violation of anti-trust laws.

Why is this important? By this account there are many people banned from social media, and ride share that reside in Florida. I’m sticking to my neutral Swedish roots, and not going there.

How will this be important? Free Market types are regulating private businesses because they don’t like that the private businesses prohibit racism. What happens it the post signs, no shoes, no shirt no racism, no service? Would that work?

Orlando Sentinel | Florida GOP bill targeting ‘Big Tech’ social media moves forward despite constitutionality concerns

What’s a Non-Fungible Token?

  • March 18, 2021

What’s happening? Just when you thought you understood bitcoin and cryptocurrency now it’s time to learn about NFTs, non-fungible tokens. NFTs, they are unique and they represent unique stuff like  artwork or a video file or a text file or a JPEG or pretty much any digital thing that’s non-fungible. Then you set up a wallet and go trade your NFTs.

Why is this important? It is estimated that 1 NFT takes about 130 kilowatt hours to mint.

How will this be important? Some say as NFTS grow, there is an impact to the environment.

WBBM | Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): the basics, including environmental impact

Pilot to Identify Local Government Hackers

  • March 18, 2021

What’s happening? A pilot program overseen by the Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security at the University of Texas at San Antonio is here to help local governments be better prepared for hackers.

Why is this important? Local officials will be guided to  identify high value assets to better prioritize improvements to information technology infrastructure. Local Governments will also be aided to identify if they have staff that is certified and trained when. hack occurs.

How will this be important? Creative financing of data security for local governments are being proposed that would allow local governments to pool resources to address data security. Could pooling resources help other technical issues as well?

Route Fifty | New Project Aims to Identify Local Government Assets at Risk of Cyberattack

State Adopts Digital ID. Quells Identity Theft.

  • March 18, 2021

What’s happening? Delaware has adopted a digital ID. With a state produced App, a person takes a photo of the front and back of a drivers license, and then of their face. The App is then unlocked by finger print or Face ID.

Why is this important? A digital ID allows a person to keep parts of their driver’s license hidden, such as your home address.

How will this be important? It is more secure, is easy to use and offers privacy controls. Delaware is one of the first states to adopt this new technology. IA, DE, OK, CO, MD, ID, WY were early adopters of this new technology. Let’s watch it spread.

Governing | Delaware Will Soon Launch Digital Driver License Option

COVID Specific. Health Data State Legislation.

  • March 12, 2021

What’s happening? Washington State is considering HB 1127 (2021 | WA) that would protect the COVID data that has been collected and assembled by a number of entities tracking the pandemic.

Why is this important? This is a big test for protecting health care data and public health. The bill would limit the use of the non-identified data for health uses only. The bill also exempts COVID related data from Open Records statutes.

How will this be important? There’s going to be another pandemic, and laying the groundwork on how health care data is used, collected and stored will be an ingoing question for policy makers.

Queen Anne and Magnolia News | Washington House passes bill to protect COVID-19 personal data 

Liability Protection for Corporations in Data Breaches

  • March 12, 2021

What’s happening? Utah is considering HB 80 (2021 | UT) that would create an affirmative defense for businesses that keep their data protection up to date. There is no liability protection if the company acts negligently.

Why is this important? Utah’s approach is different from OH that provided as long as businesses follow certain standards, then the business is protected from liability unless they acted grossly negligent.

How will this be important? Companies hold a lot of personal data information. Some Companies are calling for property rights in our data. Some Companies want greater access to out data.

Fox 13 | Utah lawmakers look to back data privacy, criminalize ‘catfishing’