EV Registrations in 2021

  • July 22, 2021

What’s happening? In January, February & March of 2021, EV registrations exceeded regular vehicle registrations by 3X.

Why is this important?

  • 36% increase overall new car registrations from January to April 
  •  95% EV registrations up over 2020 January-April
  • EVs remain small part of the market at 2.3%
  • 71% of new EV registrations are made by Tesla
  • 38% of new EVs are registered in CA

How will this be important? Year over year the number of EVS registered keeps increasing

Market Watch | EVs are catching on—registrations were up 95% in early 2021

Meet a New Kid Recycling EV batteries

  • July 22, 2021

What’s happening? The Nordic Recycling Center in Gothenburg Sweden will begin recycling WV batteries and fully refining 95% of the materials for future use.

Why is this important? The company says it will ” meet our customers’ needs to dispose of spent batteries in a safe and environmentally sound way”

How will this be important? As EV sales continue to climb, recycling spent batteries is an increasingly new industry

PV | Another battery recycling plant for Sweden

+1 City Moving Toward Free Transit with a COVID bonus

  • July 22, 2021

What’s happening? Raleigh, NC is calling for free mass transit

Why is this important? This included an interview with a urban developer that said you’re giving service workers almost a month’s worth of rent by making transit free. That’s a big deal to move workers in and out of a city center.

How will this be important? Free transit also means there’s no changing of cards or money or the passing of germs while that occurs. This is also a permissible use of Federal COVID Relief Funds

Governing | Raleigh Pushes for Permanent Fare-Free Transit

Digital Driver’s Licenses by the numbers

  • July 22, 2021

What’s happening?

  • 12 States have adopted some form of digital driver’s licenses
  • 100.000 Coloradans downloaded the MyColoradoApp
  • 10,000 people in Delaware have downloaded the app
  • 1.8 M mobile driver’s license accounts set up in Arizona in the last year

Why is this important? Supporters say digital driver’s licenses give the licensee more control over wha information is revealed making it safer, can make online transactions more secure.

How will this be important? More businesses and agencies must adopt the technology necessary to read digital licenses.

Governing | Mobile Driver’s Licenses Could Pave Way for More Digital IDs

Blaming Utility Regulators for Lack of Charging

  • July 16, 2021

What’s happening? Those criticizing regulators for a lack of EV charging infrastructure note that these regulators should follow the gas station model for EV chargers. Others say the gas station model doesn’t work for EVs because 85% of EVs charge at home.

Why is this important? Gas stations are slow to adopt chargers because margins are slim and it is expensive.

How will this be important? It is thought federal funding will have to step in and cover areas that aren’t covered by partnerships that emerge for charging station toll outs.

CBS News | Why is it so hard to find chargers for electric cars? Utility regulations are partly to blame.

Meet GM Fleet Charging Service

  • July 16, 2021

What’s happening? GM’s  Brightdrop unit, Ultium Charge 360, fleet charging service will include at home charging for fleet drivers.

Why is this important? Meet the partnership that’s delivering the EV fleet charging: GM, BrightDrop, Duke Energy company eTransEnergy, EVgo, In-Charge Energy and Schneider Electric

How will this be important? This partnership is looking at how can they offer charging that is most convenient for their drivers. It is a change in perspective from what’s best for the company and focuses on the end user (the drivers) needs, or a stakeholder focus.

Tech Crunch | GM to launch fleet charging service to power commercial EVs, even at home

Regional Air > High Speed Rail. The Pros.

  • July 16, 2021

What’s happening? Regional Air can be electric air which makes it a reasonable and clean alternative to high speed rail.

Why is this important? Regional Air doesn’t require acquiring large swaths of land for rail.

How will this be important? As our populations increase, we have to develop innovative ways to move people to and fro.

Flight Global | The USA should invest in electric regional aircraft – not high-speed rail

Harris Co. TX New On Demand Transportation

  • July 15, 2021

What’s happening? Harris County is bringing on demand feature of ride share to its public transit system by offering on demand transportation between 2 zones for Harris County Transit Plus, for residents living in Generation Park in precincts 1, 2 and 4.

Why is this important? Local governments are embracing innovation to adapt transportation systems to the needs of their residents

How will this be important? Local governments are getting creative whether its partnerships with ride share or adopting ride share like models.

Mass Transit | Harris County Transit launches on-demand transportation

How does surge pricing impact ridership?

  • July 9, 2021

What’s happening? San Francisco is seeing that ride share riders are leaving and moving to taxi services because of increased use of surge pricing.

Why is this important? Cabbies servicing SFO say airport taxi cab rides have doubled.

How will this be important? Flywheel which works like ride share but uses cabs is seeing record breaking use.

San Francisco Examiner | Uber and Lyft surge pricing drives angry SF customers back to taxis

Bus Stops Save the Bees

  • July 8, 2021

What’s happening? A program in the city of Leicester, UK converts the top of bus stops into pollinator gardens for bees.

Why is this important? Green space and pollinator gardens keep the bee populations thriving which in turn cleans the air and keeps agribusiness flourishing.

How will this be important? It’s a great space for nonprofits or local governments to promote tangible low cost projects.