COVID. Texas Central Rail + COVID Recovery

How far along is this high speed rail project?

  • It received Federal Railroad Administration this week
  • Next stop Surface Transportation board approval.
  • “will proceed to construction as soon as possible “
  • Initial cost estimates of $10 billion have doubled to $20 billion

What are opponents saying?

  • Congressman Kevin Brady “They are still saying they will break ground this year. No they will not.”
  • Re-route the Route: will forever will alter the landscape with electrical lines and berms to elevate the track
  • State Representative Leman: “Since their conception, Texas Central has lied to its investors and Texans about this project,”

How does COVID factor in?

  • Texas Central Rail says the project will be economically beneficial and will help with COVID economic recovery
  • COVID brings funding challenges for governments, and Texas Central Rail is ” insolvent and fatally flawed project” and will cost taxpayer revenue

Houston Chronicle via Governing | Houston-Dallas’ High-Speed Rail Line: Full Steam Ahead