Lege Trend: No New Gas Cars after 2030

What’s the deal? Washington State is considering legislation to prohibit the sale of gas vehicles after 2030. HB 124 (2021 | WA) & SB 5256 (2021 | WA)

Why should we care? The State Attorney General Office noted that legislation would bring legal action challenging the state’s authority to prohibit the sale of gas cars under the Clean Air Act.

How can this impact me? The roadmap to EV vehicles is being written in building codes that require charger infrastructure or plans for infrastructure, regulatory decisions on ownership, pricing, and installation of chargers, and the plethora of partnerships that are emerging. partnerships include tech companies that deploy the software, developers who are building with chargers in mind, EV manufacturers, utilities, and more.

Seattle Times via Governing | Washington State Proposes Banning New Gas Vehicles in 2030