Outreach for EV by Cities in New Economy

What obstacles are cities trying to overcome in EV awareness:

  • Most people can’t name an EV make and model
  • Don’t think there are enough chargers
  • Don’t know about incentives programs

How are cities combating this in the new economy?

  • St. Petersburg, FL & The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy are offering virtual EV ride alongs
  • City of Orlando, the Electrification Coalition, and the Climate Challenge, the Orlando Utilities Commission have a new incentive program for buyers & dealers
  •  City of Indianapolis—in partnership with its Clean Cities Coalition, and Forth Mobility through the Climate Challenge hosting virtual workshops on workplace charging
  • City of San Antonio Office of Sustainability partnered with the Alamo Area Council of Governments and Forth Mobility to put on a series of virtual events focused on EV basics, the EV landscape in Texas, and electric mobility options beyond the personal vehicle, such as electric bikes, trucks, buses
  • Seattle, WA: local credit union ExpressCU partnered with local environmental justice organization ECOSS to offer a Spanish-language virtual event about the benefits of EVs in general and ExpressCU’s innovative EV fair financing program in particular.
  • San Jose and LA partnered with Forth Mobility, rideshare companies, and other stakeholders to offer English and Spanish language educational events about EVs for rideshare drivers

NRDc | Cities Turn to Virtual Electric Vehicle Education in 2020