Who should be concerned about road building VETOs?

Who should have their eyes and ears open on this veto? Everyone involved in building roads, financing roads, supporting bond policies… you’re all impacted with this, drivers- you too. Manufacturers moving good around- you too…. so let’s get some takeaways to improve our arguments and get infrastructure built with fewer road bumps…and fewer puns…

What did Governor Newsom in California veto? SB 1351 (2020 | CA) which was $5 billion for bond financing for roads and transportation infrastructure

Why did he veto bond financing for roads?

  • California’s budget calls for pay as you go financing
  • He does not support long term debt obligation for maintenance of infrastructure
  • Caltrans needs access to future revenues for roads and bridges and the bill locks up future revenue with debt financing

SB 1351 Veto Message by Governor Newsom

LandLine | California governor vetoes road bond bill